Stopping The Political Manipulation Of The Poor

Pope Benedict XVI stepped out with a radical, controversial initiative yesterday—the pope issued a directive saying that Catholic charitable institutions have to be…well, you know…Catholic. As in the Gospel mandate to feed the poor and clothe the hungry isn’t supposed to be used a pretext for shoving abortion, contraception and anti-Catholic teachings down the throats of those who need hel... More

Unfortunately, Americans are evenly divided on morality of euthanasia

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. A fresh Gallup poll shows that Americans are evenly divided on the morality of physician-assisted suicide. According to the poll, 45% of Americans consider the practice “morally acceptable” while 48% considered it “morally wrong.” The poll comes just a day after news broke that the ... More

Catholic Charities Critiques Govt Bureaucracy

Catholic Charities USA along with its local affiliates are most likely the largest organized charitable arm of the Catholic Church. I use the qualifier “organized” on purpose, since the vast majority of charitable work is done each day by individuals in the midst of their everyday lives, often inspired and motivated by the Faith. So how ought “organized” charity occur in t... More




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