Must-See Video: Bishop Olmsted on where he gets his identity

My favorite part by far of Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s press conference was his answer to this question (I’m paraphrasing): “You’ve been called a lot of names, and received a lot of praise, from both sides of the blogosphere – how do you deal with that?” His response is, well, see for yourself: In other words, Bishop Olmsted is neither liberal nor conservative, n... More

Magisterial Me

Josh rightfully calls special attention to dissident nun Sr. Carol Keehan of the “Catholic” Health Association, who earlier this year disagreed with the Bishops so that she could err in favor of faciliting abortion, and now once again disagrees with a Bishop so she can err in favor of facilitating abortion. These two Keehan incidents are good examples of the dissident attitude, and o... More


Sr. Keehan sides with the Ariz. hospital, not Bishop Olmsted

Thomas mentioned this below, but I wanted to make sure people didn’t miss this. Sister Carol Keehan, President of the Catholic Health Association, has sided with Healthcare West instead of Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix. In case you hadn’t yet heard, Bishop Olmsted revoked the Catholic status of a Phoenix hospital for performing an abortion. Said Keehan: St. Joseph’s Hospital a... More

The CDF’s condom conclusion, and mine

When the pope’s comments on condoms ignited (yet another) controversy over the Church’s teaching on the subject one month ago, I and others were criticized for allegedly reading into the pope’s words what we wanted him to say. It was claimed we were twisting the pope’s words to suit our opinion. Yesterday the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a clarification... More

In Phoenix, a bishop uses his staff (+4 updates)

Once again, I picked the wrong day to go on vacation. While driving to Michigan to spend Christmas break with family and friends, the announcement was made that Bishop Thomas Olmsted has indeed decided to revoke the Catholic status of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix. This is the final fruit of a communications between Bishop Olmsted and representatives of the hospital whi... More

Small is Beautiful

During the Christmas season we remember the poor and vulnerable:  those for whom no room is made at the inn, who give birth in a stable, who offer turtle doves as their sacrifice of poverty. But does the Church only counsel us to care about the politically-correct poor? Notre Dame’s Professor Cathy Kaveny seems to think so.  I’ve chronicled some details about how this ardent Obama s... More


The Liberal Catholic Shell Game

The ill-fated project of liberal Catholics to get us to vote for pro-abortion politicians continues to be exposed as a shell game, one that promises social justice but achieves only partisanship. As widely reported, today President Obama agreed with the Republicans on extending various President Bush tax cuts.  Liberals of many stripes are outraged.  President Obama has also angered his (sincere... More


False Prophets

“And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.”  Matthew 24:11 In recent times, liberal Catholics have acted publicly to facilitate the abortion movement by electing that movement’s political patrons.  That’s not particularly new, but what is new is that they have done so by trying to change the meaning of the word pro-life so it means pro-abortion. The most ... More


Papist Parody: Pope said I can have condom?

Here is the second video in my “Papist Parody” series, which attempt to explain recent Catholic news and controversies with a humorous twist. This one depicts an imaginary conversation on the metro about what the pope recently said about condoms, between a struggling catholic and a righteous papist. Enjoy! And, if you want, share it with your friends, too! ...READ MORE... More

Abp. Chaput on Condoms: Forget about the headlines and just read the pope!

It is true that we Catholics must be energetic about responding to the misinformation disseminated by the mainstream media about the pope’s comments on condoms. Archbishop Chaput reminds us, however, that we run the risk of missing out on what is an otherwise extraordinary opportunity to get inside the mind of our Holy Father: In his foreword to this remarkable book—structured as a convers... More



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