An invitation to many, from a man with a tender pastoral heart.

I was sad the day I heard Bishop Thomas Tobin was being moved from my native Youngstown. He was the first bishop I ever met. It was shortly after he was made bishop of Youngstown and he visited the small Tridentine chapel I grew up at shortly after it was made a personal parish and the Fraternity of St. Peter was brought in to minister to the faithful. It was the first time a bishop had visited th... More

Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral named a basilica. Bishop DuBois would be pleased.

The Archdiocese of New York has its first minor basilica: Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the two hundred year-old gothic church in the NoLIta neighborhood. It is a stunningly beautiful church which I only visited once: in the middle of the night in the midst of a torrential downpour the night after Pope John Paul II passed away. The above-linked New York Times piece gives a good description of... More

Cool idea: Share a photo of your Advent wreath!

Does your Catholic home follow the Advent wreath tradition? I saw this idea on Twitter via CatholicMeme and wanted to make more people aware of it. It’s simple: 1. Take a picture of your advent wreath (here is Danielle Bean’s): 2. Use a free online service like TwitPic to upload your photo to a Twitter account. 3. Add the tag #adventpic in your photo-tweet so other people can see the ... More

It’s time to reset our Liturgical Clock

I’m proud to offer my full support to George Weigel’s recommendation that we reclaim the Church’s “Countercultural Time” as a way to promote universal holiness in America, specifically by reclaiming traditional feasts and solemnities as days Catholics are required to attend Mass: Let me suggest one specific, concrete way that Catholicism in America can begin to mount... More

Thank you, veterans.

Marine Corps birthday yesterday, Veterans Day today. If they are able to accept our thanks today veterans did not make the final sacrifice of their lives in defense of our freedoms, but while “some gave all, all gave some.”  Each veteran was altered by their service, physically and emotionally. Each gave something of himself that he couldn’t get back. It is for that self gift th... More

Happy 235th Birthday, Marines.

On this day in 1775 in Tun Tavern the U.S. Marine Corps was organized. Known and feared the world over, it is the most Catholic arm of the U.S. military. Most Catholic not only in having more Catholics, by far, than any other major portion of the military (by percentage, that is, with Special Ops, especially the SEALs, have a higher percentage), but also in their respect for history and tradition,... More


It’s like a secular Ash Wednesday… And an abortion analogy.

Talk about two different types of thoughts packed into one post. The first is entirely silly and the second ought not be controversial (but, sadly, it is). Secular "ashes" The First: With everyone who did the responsible thing on this civic “holy” day sporting their “I voted” sticker, I can’t help but think of how all Catholics look after dutifully assisting... More

Catholic Priest with National TV Show!

And not on a small religious network – on a mainstream national television network! I mean, this has to be news, right??? I’m not seeing much in the media yet about this exciting announcement from Father Robert Barron about his new television show on WGN America. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 13, 2010 In a bold move to reach Catholics and those searching for Christ in their lives, Fath... More


Stunning: New Gothic Cathedral underway in Wyoming

I have been remiss in mentioning the ambitious undertaking of my friend, architect James McCrery in Wyoming, which was recently profiled by Anthony Flott in the National Catholic Register: Father Daniel Mary of Jesus Crucified is fond of saying that his Carmelite community doesn’t have a vocations shortage. Rather, it has a housing shortage. That may begin to change when Father Daniel Mary’s... More



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