FOX Sports turns down adultery ad

Via Kudos to FOX Sports for refusing to air an advertisement during the Super Bowl for an online dating service that specializes in setting up adulterous relationships.* (They also turned down an ad that would have promoted John 3:!6, but I can accept that.) The annual lust for Danica Patrick ads are quite enough. _____ *of course I’m not going to name them or lin... More

Breaking: Video Shows Judge Roll Saving Rep. Giffords’ District Director

I and others have suggested that Judge John Roll, one of the Arizona shooting victims, was an exemplary Catholic.  I’ve even personally contended that Judge Roll modeled heroic virtue in the ordinary, saint-making sense of living Christian virtue to a high degree of excellence in his daily life. Reports this morning suggest that Judge Roll lived heroism in the extraordinary sense as ... More

Folks, it’s a prayer aid, not an accessory.

Photo: the Mary Rose Trust An 8th grade girl got suspended in Texas for wearing a rosary around her neck because wearing a rosary directly violates the school’s dress code. Rosaries are explicitly prohibited in the dress code because they have become associated with gang membership so the school banned wearing them or openly displaying them. The girl says she wears the rosary to remind her o... More


This Congress has no Kennedy, but another one is being groomed

With the death of Senator Ted Kennedy in 2009 and the retirement of Rep. Patrick Kennedy in 2010, this new 112th Congress is the first one without a Kennedy in 63 years. I suppose it’s not surprising that many pro-lifers would likely cheer that fact. Especially when you consider all the vitriol that Ted Kennedy heaped on those who fought for legal protection of the unborn. To me, however, it... More

Catholic Outpouring for Judge Roll, Other Victims

Some more of the Catholic community’s outpouring of sentiment and prayers for Judge Roll and the other victims of Saturday’s shooting, and additional insight into the Judge’s character from people who knew him: Tucson’s Bishop Kicanas is holding a special Mass for victims tomorrow.  Read especially the note about the little girl who was killed. Christina Taylor GreenR... More

Prayers for our Brother, Judge John Roll

Judge Roll with my son G. Bowman, at my Tucson apartment in 2005 As Thom has asked for prayers for those affected by the Arizona shootings, I would like to personally request your supplications for Judge Roll and his family. Judge Roll hired me in 2003 fresh out of the first class of Ave Maria School of Law to work in his chambers as a law clerk.  I found him among the judges I applied to work fo... More

This Christmas, let’s reclaim the Rainbow

In America, we’ve become accustomed to the idea that the rainbow is a symbol for “gay pride.” In Europe and other places, however, the rainbow symbolizes peace. This Christmas, when we celebrate the peace that Christ brings to the world, let’s begin to take back the rainbow. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse has already started: An activist fighting for traditional marriage in Cal... More

Who was she to bear Him there? Who are we?

[Note: I posted the bulk of this one on a long-since-defunct blog I did a number of years ago. It’s another consideration of a favorite Christmas carol.] The “Christ Child Lullaby” is a beautiful, lilting Christmas carol sung from the perspective of the Blessed Mother. You can hear a snippet from the album at Amazon (an album anyone who appreciates traditional Irish music must have). The... More



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