This Christmas, let’s reclaim the Rainbow

In America, we’ve become accustomed to the idea that the rainbow is a symbol for “gay pride.” In Europe and other places, however, the rainbow symbolizes peace. This Christmas, when we celebrate the peace that Christ brings to the world, let’s begin to take back the rainbow. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse has already started: An activist fighting for traditional marriage in Cal... More

Who was she to bear Him there? Who are we?

[Note: I posted the bulk of this one on a long-since-defunct blog I did a number of years ago. It's another consideration of a favorite Christmas carol.] The “Christ Child Lullaby” is a beautiful, lilting Christmas carol sung from the perspective of the Blessed Mother. You can hear a snippet from the album at Amazon (an album anyone who appreciates traditional Irish music must have). The lyric... More

Conrad Black: Catholicism, and the Oceans, Will Survive.

Conrad Black posted a column on three major events, or themes, of 2010. He looks at the media circus surrounding the truly despicable revelations of clerical sex abuse from the early part of the year, which was effectively countered by Pope Benedict’s pastoral visit to Britain, and then crowded out of the news cycle by the oil spill in fhte Gulf of Mexico. He says, in essence, these things s... More

ReeL LovE ChallengE – $4,500+ in prizes!

The Ruth Institute (which promotes healthy marriages among young people) is challenging young adults (ages 18-24) to submit 30-second videos answering the question, “Is lifelong love possible?” They’re calling it the REEL LOVE CHALLENGE. Here’s Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse explaining the ground rules: Hurry – the contest closes February 1st, so ENTER NOW! Oh, and I pla... More

An invitation to many, from a man with a tender pastoral heart.

I was sad the day I heard Bishop Thomas Tobin was being moved from my native Youngstown. He was the first bishop I ever met. It was shortly after he was made bishop of Youngstown and he visited the small Tridentine chapel I grew up at shortly after it was made a personal parish and the Fraternity of St. Peter was brought in to minister to the faithful. It was the first time a bishop had visited th... More

Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral named a basilica. Bishop DuBois would be pleased.

The Archdiocese of New York has its first minor basilica: Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the two hundred year-old gothic church in the NoLIta neighborhood. It is a stunningly beautiful church which I only visited once: in the middle of the night in the midst of a torrential downpour the night after Pope John Paul II passed away. The above-linked New York Times piece gives a good description of... More

Cool idea: Share a photo of your Advent wreath!

Does your Catholic home follow the Advent wreath tradition? I saw this idea on Twitter via CatholicMeme and wanted to make more people aware of it. It’s simple: 1. Take a picture of your advent wreath (here is Danielle Bean’s): 2. Use a free online service like TwitPic to upload your photo to a Twitter account. 3. Add the tag #adventpic in your photo-tweet so other people can see the ... More

It’s time to reset our Liturgical Clock

I’m proud to offer my full support to George Weigel’s recommendation that we reclaim the Church’s “Countercultural Time” as a way to promote universal holiness in America, specifically by reclaiming traditional feasts and solemnities as days Catholics are required to attend Mass: Let me suggest one specific, concrete way that Catholicism in America can begin to mount... More



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