Why Catholics Shouldn’t Give Up The Fight For The Democratic Party

The political heritage bequeathed by Catholic Democrats like Al Smith is one that can still be rescued and built on. I disagree with the post written earlier this week by fellow CV blogger Brad Bilzer, who advocated that no Christian should support the Democratic Party.  The article took a different tack than I expected after reading the headline—rather than focus on the modern Left’s du... More

NCR frets as progressive Catholics flee the public square, and CatholicVote arrives

Two weeks ago I noted the quiet demise of the catholyc group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG). I was happy to see the group disband, especially after discovering that their chairman of the board, Alfred Rotondaro, argues publicly that the Church should accept the fact that abortion and contraception are here to stay and that gay sex is a gift from God that the Church should celebra... More



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