This Wednesday: Celebrate the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day!

In the wake of Pope Benedict’s successful visit to the UK and the weekend news that a third Anglican bishop has announced his decision to cross the Tiber, I realize it’s the right time to prepare for the 2nd Annual Anglo-Catholic Reunification Day, which will take place this Wednesday. Last year, you see, on the day that it was announced that Pope Benedict would create a “perso... More

Local event: *free* pre-screening of Bella

On the heels of the director of the Population Research Institute saying Catholics should support the movie “Bella” (more on that here), here’s some exciting news for folks in Michigan: a free pre-screening of the movie in Ann Arbor, Michigan, hosted by a local pregnancy counseling center. More from the organizers: “This is a FREE EVENT and may be your only chance to see &... More

I will be attending this conference over the weekend

I’ll be attending the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s spring leadership conference on “Russell Kirk and the Prospects for Conservatism” this weekend in Indianapolis. To prepare for the conference, I’ve been reading Russell Kirk’s The Conservative Mind, and if I find the time, the book of another presenter, Rod Dreher’s (Crunchy Cons). A quick disclaime... More

National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

The 4th Annual Catholic Prayer Breakfast will be held in Washington, D.C. this weekend (April 12-14th), with a keynote address by Abp. Wuerl on “Christianity and Our National Identity.” President Bush has attended past NCPB’s but that’s not gauranteed this time (and probably won’t happen). In addition, Scott Hahn, and Richard John Neuhaus will be giving talks. Unfortu... More

S.E. Michigan theology on tap this week

I might be attending this local theology-on-tap this week. I’ve been to a couple of these events before and found them very enjoyable (and even a little educational): Theology on Tap: Back by popular demand! For young adults! Thursday, April 12th, 2007 8:00pm – 11:00pm The topic will be RESURRECTION! THE FRUITS OF THE CROSS IN DAILY WORK. Topic to be presented by Sr. John Dominic Ras... More

Two new bishops for Tuesday

“Safe!” A quick break from thesis work to serve up a few links for New Bishop Tuesday: Vatican Information Service release Associated Press: New Dallas Catholic bishop debuts Off the Record: Better Late than Never Dept. Dallas News: New bishop’s top priority: Get familiar with diocese Whispers: D-Day = May Day Happy Catholic: Let the Joyful News Be Spread … Closed Caf... More



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