The Intolerance of the Catholic Left.

Good grief, they’re either ungrateful, blind, or both. A quick survey of political issues of the day and the political party which tends to holds the position the U.S. bishops tend to lean toward: Immigration: Democratic. Open borders. Social welfare programs: Democratic. Spend more money. Obamacare (pre-HHS mandate): Democratic. Increase access to healthcare. Labor laws: Democratic. Protec... More

How Do We Stop Anti-Catholics From Dismantling Our Church? Simple: MESSAGE CONTROL.

Make no mistake about it, Anti-Catholic liberals (both outside and inside the Church) are attempting to dismantle our Church’s public institutions and moral authority before our very eyes. But luckily there are actions we can (and must!) take to stop them. There’s something providential about the timing of their attack on our religious freedom. If our enemies were smart(er), they would... More



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