Here’s how clueless the media really is about Catholicism

In a recent column for, contributor Tim Padgett suggests that the Catholic Church is nothing more than a sexist institution. “The Vatican,” Padgett writes, “was apparently just warming up in 2010 when it declared, astonishingly, that ordaining females into the all-male Catholic priesthood would be a ‘grave sin’ on par with even pedophilia.” Padgett goes on to claim that th... More


Reader: Santorum wants tax cuts for manufacturing, Pentagon weighs more cuts, Personhood Amendment tied in polling

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. In Iowa, Rick Santorum notes that unemployment for persons with college degrees is only 5%. Says we must revitalize manufacturing and processing. The Pentagon is weighing base closures and military benefits in the face of budget cuts. Says it all: Americans reduced debt... More

Newsweek's take on the Limbo Story

I’ll just give you the bookends. The article by Matthew Philips begins: In the world of Vatican reversals, it�s a big one. According to a 41-page report released last week by the Roman Catholic Church�s International Theological Commission, limbo�a celestial middle ground between Heaven and Hell�is no longer necessary. That means that babies who die unbaptized are now free to go to h... More

Prepare for Limbo fallout

Amy notes that the International Theological Commission’s report on Limbo has been released. CNS has very good coverage: After several years of study, the Vatican’s International Theological Commission said there are good reasons to hope that babies who die without being baptized go to heaven. In a document published April 20, the commission said the traditional concept of limbo —... More



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