Cardinal Keeler, master of the one-liner

I met Cardinal Keeler once (and no, that’s not me in the photo with him – that’s the author of the story I’m about to share). The Cardinal is an elderly man of course, but as this story shows, still very sharp: During a March 2 testimonial at a special celebration of Cardinal William H. Keeler’s upcoming 80th birthday, Richard Berndt told a story that demonstrated why f... More

Offbeat: Too much Facebook gets Dominican nun dismissed?

There’s typically more to these stories than what we see in the press, but still: Maria Jesus Galan had 600 Facebook friends. She liked to communicate with them, to spread good news. However, her Facebook habit has lost her something very dear–her habit. Her fellow nuns reportedly claimed that Sister Maria’s Facebook activity “made life impossible.” She was therefore ... More

Offbeat: Rambo Priest has Communion desecrator pulled over

From DC Examiner’s “Stupid Crimes” column: God squad A Catholic priest denied a woman Holy Communion, then had a sheriff’s deputy pull her over. According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Jackie Trebesh and her 19-year-old daughter went to take Holy Communion, the priest turned them away and said he would explain his actions after the [Mass] ended. Trebesh decided no... More

Photo (& VIDEO!) of the “Holy Goalie”

I’ve written before that I think Bishop Thomas Paprocki is a rockstar. Here’s one of the reasons why: A charity hockey game with Bishop Thomas Paprocki will be played at 7 p.m. Monday at Nelson Center. The teams will be comprised of adult players from the Springfield area, and all proceeds from the game will go to Catholic Charities. Paprocki, known as the “Holy Goalie,’’ will a... More

Offbeat: Thief thwarted by falling saint statue!

It was an intense weekend of responding to the pope’s comments about condoms, so I wanted to start this Monday morning off right – with some heavy poetic justice: A thief who tried to break open the donation box in a church was hit on the head by a falling statue of a saint, police in Munich reported on Sunday. The man suffered a nasty cut to the head and fled the St Benno Church wi... More

Offbeat: Sunday Mass at 2:30AM?

This is from last week but seems appropriate to post after the weekend: Old-time Pittsburghers remember when a church in the city offered services in the early morning hours for employees who worked odd hours. One church is now bringing that tradition back with a 2:30 a.m. service. … The early-morning Mass tradition began in 1905 and was frequented by employees from seven daily newspapers... More

Offbeat: “JP2″ Nightclub opens up in Roman Basilica’s Crypt

It appears that papists visiting the Eternal City have a new watering hole to checkout! The Wall Street Journal reported last week: The crypt of the Basilica di San Carlo al Corso near St. Peter’s Square has boasted tombs of cardinals for centuries. Today it is taking on a livelier vibe. Rev. Maurizio Mirilli, head of youth ministry in Rome’s Catholic Church, has converted a sectio... More

Help solve the KLM-Mother Teresa mystery! {update – mystery solved!}

AmP reader Nan submitted the picture below, and explains where it was taken as well: When I went to Russia, we changed planes in Amsterdam. The Mother Teresa plane was outside while we waited to board the Russian plane. KLM must not be against religion and how perfect is it that the plane matches the Missionaries of Charity’s saris? Maybe she flew KLM? I was able to find YouTube footage o... More

CyberFAIL: Vatican’s new office for internet evangelization … is without a computer

Yikes! Someone send Abp. Fisichella a gift certificate! The head of the new pontifical council charged with evangelising cyberspace has said that his new office does not have an internet connection. Archbishop Rino Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promotion of the New Evangelisation, made the startling admission at a press conference unveiling the new council. A Motu Proprio... More



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