Replace a pro-abortion Catholic Democrat with a pro-abortion Catholic Republican? No thanks!

Gov. Christine Gregoire and Atty. Gen. Rob McKenna Some good news and some very bad news from the Pacific Northwest. Democrat Christine Gregoire won’t seek a third term as Governor of Washington. She was “elected” in 2004 by 129 votes, though, I remain convinced that she stole the election from pro-life Catholic Dino Rossi by having hundreds of felon votes count. She was a stride... More

Schwarzenegger, Shriver announce split

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced a separation today, just months after he left office as Governor of California. Their union was jokingly referred to as a ‘mixed marriage’ because Schwarzenegger is a Republican and Shriver is a Democrat — in fact Maria’s uncle is President John F. Kennedy. Sadly, both Maria and Arnold favored both abortion and same-sex R... More


This Congress has no Kennedy, but another one is being groomed

With the death of Senator Ted Kennedy in 2009 and the retirement of Rep. Patrick Kennedy in 2010, this new 112th Congress is the first one without a Kennedy in 63 years. I suppose it’s not surprising that many pro-lifers would likely cheer that fact. Especially when you consider all the vitriol that Ted Kennedy heaped on those who fought for legal protection of the unborn. To me, however, it... More



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