Bishop Campbell Speaks About the Hale Case

In an exclusive interview published today in the Columbus Dispatch, Bishop Frederick Campbell broke his patient silence on what was until now a purely internal human resources matter regarding the dismissal of Carla Hale. She was a teacher at a Catholic high school in the Diocese of Columbus until her public and open admission that she considers her lesbian partner a “spouse” in contradic... More

UPDATE: Columbus Diocese Remains Resolute, Lesbian Teacher Basks in Spotlight

The Columbus Dispatch reports that after meeting with the principal of Bishop Watterson High School, Carla Hale gave a press conference to her fawning supporters in the media vowing to “continue her fight” against the Catholic Church. Far from being a private matter between two consenting adults, Hale has elevated this issue to a public debate precisely because of her own actions, first by pub... More

Lesbian Teacher Suing Diocese for Being Catholic

The Columbus Dispatch reports that a Catholic High School fired a physical education teacher last month after it became public knowledge that she is a lesbian who lives with her partner, in direct violation of Church teachings. Sadly, the teacher, Carla Hale, reacted by suing the Diocese of Columbus under the city’s anti-discrimination law, which does not provide an exemption for religious organ... More

Subsidiarity, The Catholic Church, and Social Justice

Subsidiarity is a big idea from the Church. Hopefully our video can give you enough information to understand basically what it is and why it is important. But a few minutes is not enough time to thouroughly explain the philosophy. So, if you would like to learn more about Subsidiarity, and other ideas the Church teaches about how we can best structure a just society, please use the following lin... More

The Primacy of (All) People in Catholic Social Doctrine

I’m used to being told I am wrong, but in an internet discussion I’m not used to my critics being respectful and actually reading what I’ve written. Perhaps Dan’s recent post is a forerunner of a wave of combox civility and reason; huzzah! It’s also beyond question that Dan, Bishop Blaire, and Catholic social theorists throughout history have the noblest of intentions... More

In Which I Say Sisterly Things about the Nuns on the Bus

Here. Please let me know what you think. And here is a quote from Cardinal Wuerl, from his book, Seek First the Kingdom, that in part speaks to the spirit in which that column was written: we need to examine how we talk, because we ourselves are media. As ambassadors of God’s kingdom, we need — with every word and gesture — to live out our commitment. We need to be a people of... More

CatholicVote blogger interviewed by Al Jazeera on the Ryan budget

Stephen White is a fellow in the Catholic Studies Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center — and a blogger here at CatholicVote. He was invited to a discussion on the Ryan budget by — of all places — Al Jazeera. They also noted a recent campaign started by American sisters called Nuns on a Bus who are travelling across the country to oppose Paul Ryan’s budget. Host ... More

Principles vs. Prudence the U.S. Bishops and Economics

The news out of the USCCB meeting in Atlanta last week included a conversation amongst the bishops about reactions to Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget. It was a conversation more important than the personal figures of Ryan, Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing, Michigan, or even Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, California. It was a conversation about what the Church is competent to say and do and about ... More

Union Rights and Responsibilities

The Cardinal Newman Society pointed out the other day that a slew of Jesuits at Marquette University wanted Gov. Walker of Wisconsin recalled. When asked why they did so, the spokesman for the Province would only confirm the signature of one of the Jesuit professors at Marquette and then referred the inquiring reporter to Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (FC), the USCCB document on Cat... More

The Social Teaching and the LCWR

So the Congregation for the Doctrines of the Faith (CDF) had a great deal negative to say about the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). The part of the document from the CDF that got my attention, though, was the reference to the social justice activities of the LCWR. Here’s the pertinent text: On June 25, 2010, Bishop Blair presented further documentation on the content of the LCW... More




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