The Primacy Of Catholic Social Doctrine

Labor Day is twelve days away and the Catholic bishops in the United States have weighed in with a document regarding the economy and condition of labor. Bishop Stephen Blaire authored the piece and he’s come under critique from fellow CV blogger Tim Shaughnessy. I disagree with Tim’s critique and believe it elevates conservative economic doctrine higher than Catholic social doctrine. My latte... More

Does God Want More Welfare & Debt?

I’m in Indianapolis today preparing for the Frassati Society’s LIVE OUT LOUD Conference, where I’m a keynote speaker. But I wanted to offer a couple quick comments about the debt ceiling debate which is now entering it’s final critical days in Washington, DC. As you may have seen, the U.S. Bishops – under Bishops Blaire and Hubbard (remember him?) – have issued ... More

Days After Archbishop Dolan Endorsed Paul Ryan for President …

My headline is as preposterous as concerns that New York’s archbishop endorsed Paul Ryan’s budget. The Ryan-Archbishop Dolan exchange was an exercise in discerning leadership. Everyone who says the archbishop didn’t endorse the Republican budget is, of course, absolutely right. It’s also absolutely right to say it was a bit of a milestone. Religious women — from the Council of Majo... More

Catholics vs. Gov. Walker?

E-mails in the last day or so tell me I should be chastened, depressed, or drowning my sorrows as the Catholic Church lines up firmly in support of protesting teachers and others in Wisconsin, and opposed to Governor Walker. Of course, the reality of the situation is quite different. There have been statements in recent days from the archbishop of Milwaukee, the bishop of Madison, and the national... More



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