[Updated] On Piers Morgan, Rick Santorum Gets it 98% Right – But That 2% Matters

Rick Santorum did a great job last night in his interview with Piers Morgan on CNN. He had to deal with some stupid questions (“How are you going to make yourself sexy on the national stage?”) and rude, gotcha questions: (“How would you feel if one of your sons turned around one day and said, ‘Dad, I’m gay’?”) but Rick handled even these jabs articulately ... More

3 Responses to Brad’s 3 Questions Regarding Catholics & Same-Sex Marriage

I’m happy to continue the “thinking out loud” about Catholics and same-sex marriage begun by Brad Birzer on these pages last night, even though –having thought about each of these issues at length– I consider my thoughts about them each very settled. I welcome in the comments, of course, any reader who wants to disagree or agree by adding supporting evidence, argument... More

CatholicVote members respond to the budget crisis and Medicare reform

Faithful Catholics often are stereotyped as caring about one or two issues at the expense of everything else. At one level they are right. Abortion and marriage are indeed foundational, and they will always be of primary concern for us. But does this mean that Catholics must remain silent during the debate over how to reform the federal budget, or how to reform the entitlement programs that are ba... More

In Cincinnati, Vice President tries selling donors on ‘Biden 2016′

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Vice President Joe Biden, a strident supporter of abortion who professes to be Catholic (yes, that doesn’t make any sense), talked about his own future plans recently. Politico reports: “Vice President Joe Biden surprised a gathering of donors in Cincinnati last week when he floated the prospect... More

Osama is dead. Deo gratias?

As we have all heard now, Navy Seals brought about the end of Osama bin Laden’s time on Earth. According to the White House, the terrorist and coward even used one of his wives as a human shield in a failed attempt to save his life. UPDATE: The White House is now backing off the claim that Bin Laden used a person as a human shield. In response to the news, Vatican spokesman Father Federico ... More


Maureen Dowd: Confession app pushes guilt on gays, lets priests off the hook

Maureen Dowd, in her column last week, tried to sneak in a veiled claim that the iPhone Confession preparation app winks at homosexuality in the priesthood: Under the Sixth Commandment, men and women are asked: “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?” Priests, however, are not. They are asked if they flirt. Gay bloggers have been up in arms about this app because they claim it “... More

This Christmas, let’s reclaim the Rainbow

In America, we’ve become accustomed to the idea that the rainbow is a symbol for “gay pride.” In Europe and other places, however, the rainbow symbolizes peace. This Christmas, when we celebrate the peace that Christ brings to the world, let’s begin to take back the rainbow. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse has already started: An activist fighting for traditional marriage in Cal... More



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