Rick Santorum: Catholic Hero

It takes a lot of labor to attempt to create a division between me and Rick Santorum. So much effort in fact, that I didn’t think anyone would try it. Looks like this was my turn to be wrong. Gay activists have been laboring feverishly since I published this post yesterday trying to fabricate the lie that I don’t think Rick Santorum is “religious or conservative enough.” Wh... More

Updated: Catholic Senator Tells Gay Rally His False Reasons for Redefining Marriage

UPDATE: Important update below. The unwritten story about the vote to legalize gay marriage in New York last month was the role Catholic dissent played in letting it happen. In this revealing video, Catholic State Senator Jim Alesi (a Republican from Rochester NY who voted for same-sex marriage) tells a party hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (the wealthiest gay rights organization in America) ... More



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