How The Hispanic Vote Can Change America

The Hispanic vote went heavily for President Obama in the recently-concluded presidential election, and its aftermath is the one most obvious consequence of the usual mix of soul-searching, self-immolation and overanalysis that a losing party usually does after a presidential campaign. The Republicans are looking for a way to mobilize the Hispanic vote. This is logical and more power to them—but... More

Obama wins the Catholic vote.

The most pro-abortion person ever to be in the White House; the person who has launched the most significant assault on religious liberty in this country since our founding… won the Catholic vote. That adequately explains why I am entirely and completely unimpressed with the anger of the pastor at a parish who called me, irate that a group of volunteers I organized were putting pro-life leaf... More

The Myth Of The Single-Issue Catholic Voter

With the political Left’s abortion extremism be given prominent display in Charlotte this past week, it’s time for another round of the annual debate that goes back and forth among Catholics. Some of us decline to vote for a candidate who won’t grant legal protection for the unborn. Others agree—or at least claim to agree—on the policy goal—but move into a condescending lecture about t... More

Why Catholics Shouldn’t Give Up The Fight For The Democratic Party

The political heritage bequeathed by Catholic Democrats like Al Smith is one that can still be rescued and built on. I disagree with the post written earlier this week by fellow CV blogger Brad Bilzer, who advocated that no Christian should support the Democratic Party.  The article took a different tack than I expected after reading the headline—rather than focus on the modern Left’s du... More

PA Democratic leader leaves party over Obama’s support for same-sex marriage

Jo Ann Nardelli, President and founder of the Blair County Federation of Democratic Women and a state committeewoman, has left the Democratic Party and joined the GOP, PoliticsPA reports. “I respect all of you and all that I have achieved in the past. Due to personal matters and faith beliefs at this time, it is only fair to resign,” she wrote in a personal note to friends. “I will miss yo... More

Obama pulls out the “But I’ve got friends who are Catholic” defense

It’s a variation of the “I’m not racist, I’ve got black friends” line. You know: it’s supposed to be some sort of “amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice,” or something. And it has been totally Derbyshired (or “Derbed” for short). Anyhow, that’s essentially what the President has been saying lately. Se... More

Reader: IL dioceses drop suit and end foster care, Catholics must fight porn, Obama has turned his back on Catholics

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Another triumph for the aggressive secularist state: Catholic dioceses in IL drop lawsuit, will no longer provide foster care. Catholics have a duty to fight against pornography and its devastating spiritual and societal consequences, says family activist Patrick Trueman. More

Brown County is the new ‘Macomb’

Macomb County, Michigan, (north of Detroit) was considered the home of the Reagan Democrats — the blue collar auto workers that voted GOP in the 80s, but returned to Clinton in 90s. Well, there’s a new place to keep your eyes on: Brown County, Wisconsin. The Wall Street Journal reports: Dotted with Catholic churches, paper mills and sports bars, working-class Brown County has followed... More


5 Conclusions About the Catholic Vote

This November, like every election season, everyone is interested in the Catholic Vote, especially after a new poll came out which suggests the Democrats have lost 34 points of support among Catholics since 2008. Understanding the Catholic Vote can be daunting at first, but some insights are straightforward enough, such as the five points presented by Deal Hudson. Here’s my list of five: The... More

Demolish the Catholyc firewall in VA-5

Once again, the cause of liberal Democrats and liberal Catholycs have aligned, this time in Virginia’s 5th congressional district, where incumbent Democrat Tom Perriello is trailing republican challenger Robert Hurt. Politico reports: No one can say they didn’t try to save Tom Perriello. In the last days of the 2010 campaign, the first-term Virginia congressman’s reelection bid has ... More



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