Stunning NYT Graphic: Catholics showing *34-point* swing to GOP this year?

Following up on Josh’s post, the picture that is worth a thousand words. It shows that Dems were +10 in 2008 and the GOP may now be +24 among Catholics: Some thoughts: Every poll should be taken with a large grain of salt. Nevertheless, the swing is impressive: Catholics represent the widest switch from Democrat-to-Republican support of any group classified. I’ll be watching the exi... More

Pope on eve of elections: bishops and priests must encourage laity to vote against abortion (please circulate!)

Brazil is facing a historic election this weekend, but the advice Pope Benedict gave to the bishops of that country today also applies to us in the United States as we prepare to go to the polls next Tuesday – emphasis and bracketed comments are my own: Bishops must guide their faithful to use their vote to oppose efforts to legalize abortion and euthanasia, Pope Benedict XVI told bishops ... More

Time to become the Catholic Vote!

I’ve got pre-election fever! And the only cure is more blogging! 😀 We’re heading into the final 10 days before the November election, yet in many ways, the time we have to help create a positive outcome is even shorter. I had a disconcerting experience yesterday. As I was browsing several campaign and election websites, I was struck by how much I wanted to help all these brave men and w... More



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