Pope to Youth in Spain: Your Faith in Christ is Stronger than the Storm of Modernity

This column of mine appeared today on Headline Bistro, where the full article is available: What was Pope Benedict’s message to young people in Spain this month? Of the approximately fifteen thousand words he delivered, these unscripted ones are perhaps my favorite: “We have lived together an adventure. Strengthened by Christ, you have resisted the rain.” The pontiff spoke these words after ... More

Pro-Life Flash Mob–Philippines Version

UPDATE:  Diana Uichanco, the author of the news story on this event, sent me a link to further coverage and pictures on her blog describing the pro-life flash mob’s contact with the pro-RH-bill demonstrators.  She also sent me this pro-life resource portal of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. Thanks, Diana! — Positive pro-life public demonstrations are spreading, the world ove... More


[Updated w/ Video] In Croatia, Pope Benedict Fights For Marriage, Condemns Cohabitation

During Pope Benedict’s visit to Croatia last weekend, he reserved the end of his homily at Sunday Mass to proclaim the urgent truth that Catholics are called to form loving families. I consider this required reading: By the grace of God, many Christian families today are acquiring an ever deeper awareness of their missionary vocation, and are devoting themselves seriously to bearing witness ... More

Be There! “It Takes a Family” Conference in San Diego, July 28-31

The Ruth Institute does a spectacular job promoting a healthy marriage culture among the next generation, especially on college campuses. Their upcoming “It Takes a Family” Conference, which takes place in San Diego July 28-31, is not to be missed! The conference is open to young adults aged 18-30. Here is their speaker roster. Here is where you can apply to be accepted. They offer nee... More

Bl. John Paul II: Spiritual Grandfather to Millennial Catholics

The Knights of Columbus asked me to write a reflection on what Pope John Paul the Great meant to me and to Millennial Catholics. I will be in Rome this Sunday for JP2’s Beatification Mass, so this was an excellent opportunity to gather my thoughts: I was born in 1985, almost eight years into the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. Like millions of young Catholics around the world, I grew up k... More

Pope to Youth: Don’t abandon God because of ‘attacks of evil’ in the Church

Carol Glatz of CNS News reports: Pope Benedict XVI has urged young people not to abandon their faith in God because of the “attacks of evil” within the Church. In a foreword to a new catechism edited specifically for young people, he said: “Carry intact the fire of your love in this Church every time that men have obscured her face.” The new Youth Catechism, also called “YouCat”, will... More

An Opportunity for the JPII Generation to Say “Thank You”

Josh gave me the privilege of posting this wonderful initiative by the Knights of Columbus. As someone who was born eight years into his pontificate, I clearly owe JP2 a great debt of gratitude – I hope to submit a letter: Knights of Columbus to bring letters in gratitude for Pope John Paul II to May 1 beatification With the beatification of John Paul II sc... More




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