Heads We Win; Tails You Lose. Obama is Hoist On His Own Petard.

"Sire, the peasants are REVOLTING!" "You said it, they stink!" Really hard to see the Administration’s political end-game or the calculation behind the HHS mandate. My first thought is, “Wow, that was dumb.” They clearly did not believe crazy uncle Joe and the other prominent, experienced-in-Church-politics male Catholic in the room when they said this would ... More

Weigel on the Rise of Anti-Catholic Catholics

Quote (and headline) shamelessly lifted from Joe Carter at First Thoughts: Ecclesiastes notwithstanding, there is something new under the sun in the annals of American anti-Catholicism; and that something is the rise of the anti-Catholic Catholics, self-described Catholics who make a career (or at least part of a career) out of mounting endless attacks on the Church, its settled beliefs, its leade... More


Bishops in ND tell Catholics not to donate to “objectionable” groups (list included)

God Bless bishops Zipfel and Aquila, who have taken their responsibility seriously to protect the faithful from being misled by groups that work against fundamental human goods such as life and marriage/family: Catholics and Catholic organizations should not endorse organizations with “morally objectionable” missions, North Dakota’s bishops said. Bishops Paul A. Zipfel of Bismarck and Samue... More

A Lenten Resolution for Liberal Catholics: Come Clean on President Obama

Lent is a time for self-reflection and amendment of one’s ways. It’s a time to ask ourselves, “What more can I do? What must I refrain from doing? What have I done wrong?” I have a sincere suggestion for liberal and progressive Catholics this Lent: Come clean on Obama. Life moves fast these days, and it’s easy forget even the recent past. But as recently as two-and-... More

Kickback: President Obama appoints dissenting nun who helped pass Obamacare to Faith-Based Council

“If you want to gain favor from President Obama, be a bad catholic.” That personal observation gained even more credibility last week when President Obama announced the new makeup of his Council for Faith-Based Partnerships (ph/t: Badger Catholic). The only Catholic he appointed to this council is Sister Marlene Weisenbeck, former president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religio... More

Weekend Question: Why is the Catholic Left Inactive on LiveAction?

I’ve been writing all week about LiveAction’s efforts to expose Planned Parenthood’s serial assaults on women. I was curious to find out what the progressive Catholic blogosphere had to say about this story – a story which has garnered national headlines. It turns out: nothing. They have nothing to say about it. U.S. Catholic was busy with stories which contained headlines ... More

Witch-Hunt: Catholics4Equality debuts app to “report hostile activity” from the pew!

I have never witnessed such a blatant, systematic attempt to undermine the Catholic Church as the one I am writing about today. The latest Catholyc astoturf group “Catholics for Equality” (which I exposed a couple months ago) already had me deeply concerned when they introduced a “Report Anti-Equality Activity!” section on their webpage. But now they have taken things to a ... More

Demolish the Catholyc firewall in VA-5

Once again, the cause of liberal Democrats and liberal Catholycs have aligned, this time in Virginia’s 5th congressional district, where incumbent Democrat Tom Perriello is trailing republican challenger Robert Hurt. Politico reports: No one can say they didn’t try to save Tom Perriello. In the last days of the 2010 campaign, the first-term Virginia congressman’s reelection bid has ... More

Nancy Pelosi: “My faith … does not pass through the heirarchy”

Catholyc Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, whose days in Congress are numbered, in an interview with Politics Daily published today (emphasis mine): [Pelosi’s] own pro-choice votes have caused her some agita as a Catholic who attends daily Mass, and whose staff has to locate a church for her wherever she travels. Given her clashes with the hierarchy of her church, has there ever been a mo... More



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