NRLC’s Doug Johnson smacks down NCReporter in Catholycs United press call

It’s bench-clearing time! Fake Catholyc group Catholics United hosted a conference call this morning about the SBA List hearing in Ohio. In their press release, they misstate in the first line that the Ohio commission ruled that SBA List made false claims in their billboards. In fact, in a narrow 2-1 ruling, the commission only found there is enough merit to the case to have a full hearing... More

Commentary: As elections approach, liberal Catholics reappear, but the facts remain unchanged

You know an election is about to happen when all of the sudden liberal Catholics start feverishly clicking the “send” “upload” and “post” buttons. As AmP readers know (and perhaps sometimes to their chagrin), I love discussing political issues through the lens of my Catholic faith on a daily basis. But Catholics of a more progressive bent are a bit more efficie... More

Meet the latest Catholyc astroturf group: “Catholics for Equality”

This week the Democrats attempted to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy (DADT allows gays to serve in the military) by combining it with the Defense Reauthorization bill. (They also tried to make military hospitals perform abortions, but that’s a separate issue.) Anyway, the Democrats failed on both counts. Trying to help them along the way, ho... More



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