Not everyone in this country sees eye to eye on the topic of abortion. Got it. But this new ad from Center for Reproductive Rights in support of Roe is simply creepy. 1-800-CALL-A-GIGOLO Did Mehcad Brooks start his acting career doing ads for sleazy dating websites/pay-per-call numbers? How I’d wish they’d edited out a few of those mmmm-mmmm-mmms at the end. They just don’t s... More

A Proactive Pro-Life Path

Earlier today, I found myself on the website of the Center for Reproductive Rights. On it, there is an a section dedicated to Roe v. Wade on its 38th anniversary. Melissa Harris-Perry, a Princeton professor I recognize from too much MSNBC viewing (she is a frequent guest and guest host on the network), has the following quote there: “Why is Roe v Wade important to me? It means that my friends, ... More



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