Charity vs. Development

On virtually every page of the Bible or Catechism is the injunction to care for the poor. There isn’t much, however, on the best way to do that. Theologians likely would chalk up such policy discussions to the realm of prudential judgment. Given that, then, it seems natural to ask what policies or programs have done the best job of lifting the poor out of poverty. Many well-meaning Christian... More


Obama’s Brother’s Keeper

I was recently having dinner with John Sullivan, the writer and director of the Dinesh D’Souza film “2016: Obama’s America.” I have a brief appearance in the film, speaking about Frank Marshall Davis, a mentor to young Obama in Hawaii, who I’ve written a book about. I know John beyond the film. “You’ll never guess who called Dinesh,” Sullivan said to me. “Who?” I asked. He... More


Attention TIME, et al.: Charity and Taxation are not synonymous.

Time Magazine must operate on the premise that their readers have an IQ roughly equal to that of a dish of warm milk.* Behold this bit of crack Bible scholarship: As near as we can tell, Jesus would advocate a tax rate somewhere between 50% (in the vein of “if you have two coats, give one to the man who has none”) and 100% (if you want to get into heaven, be poor). Mostly, he suggested givi... More

Defining away pedophilia would be uncharitable.

A recent conference in Baltimore sponsored by a pedophilia advocacy group called B4U ACT discussed the removal of pedophilia from the American Psychological Association’s official list of mental disorders, known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM. (This is the conference I mentioned before at which a former consultant to a bunch of U.S. bishops delivered a k... More


Marriage, Law, Charity, and Brad’s Missed Left Turn.

About two weeks ago Brad Birzer wrote a nearly masterful article on the danger of the efforts to re-define marriage in our civil, or human, laws. “Nearly” masterful because after collecting and laying out some great quotes and dystopic visions from noted authors, and seemingly about to make a devastating case for the real dangers to society of redefining marriage he seemingly missed a ... More

On Speaker Boehner and Catholic “Cruelty”

Recently in this space, I wrote about the group of liberal Catholic academics, led by professors at Catholic University of America, who wrote a stern public letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner, a Catholic and a Republican. My post generated a lot of response. I was invited by FoxNews to address the topic on the Sunday morning “Fox & Friends.” (Click here.) That invitation gave me a... More


Liberal Catholic academics send Boehner an uncharitable and deeply-flawed letter

A group of liberal Catholic academics, led by professors at Catholic University, have written a public letter to Catholic Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) calling for protection of social-welfare programs that they argue are mortally threatened by the current budget proposal. The lead signatory, Professor Stephen Schneck, invokes the Gospel mandate to help the poor—to ensure that “the ... More

Why have FEMA? Alabama citizens show us spontaneous charity in action

Natural disasters can literally destroy communities. We’ve seen this from Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Japan, the recent tornadoes in the South, and the current flooding of the Mississippi in Memphis. (Pray for my relatives in North Dakota; sandbags are keeping water from flooding their house on all four sides. They have to travel by boat instead of car because of the flooding of the... More


Gay press admits: Illinois civil union bill likely to force Catholic Charities away from foster care

Gov. Pat Quinn signed a civil unions bill that is now threatening foster care done by Catholic Charities It is believed that if the government were not involved in promoting charity through our tax dollars then important services, from foster care to K-12 education, wouldn’t get done and people would be left out who need help. In public education, government is both the purchaser and the pro... More




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