Charlie Wilson supports the HHS mandate

Or, at least, his recent comments make it seem that way. BFFsCharlie Wilson, the Catholic former pro-life former congressman from Ohio’s sixth district wants his seat back. Charlie Wilson voted for Obamacare. He was one of those on-the-fence last-minute votes that put Obamacare over the top. Charlie Wilson recently expressed pride in his votes while in Congress. But when I wrote about his ... More

Well, Charlie Wilson, I guess you didn’t learn.

Charlie Wilson and his bud, Nancy Pelosi, sharing a laugh at a press conference. Charlie Wilson, Catholic Democrat former pro-life former congressman from my district, OH-6, wants his seat back. He lost in 2010 to Republican Bill Johnson and is sore about it. In an article in the Wheeling News-Intelligencer (that’s in West Virginia, by the way, across the river from the district… just ... More



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