Three Reasons I Ate at Chick-Fil-A Yesterday.

In descending order of importance. These guys really made out well yesterday. Mooooo. 1) Freedom of conscience, expression. The reason Boston, Chicago, and possibly Philly have threatened to ban Chik-Fil-A is because the owner had the audacity to express a belief that they find unfashionable. Seems Chicago values, Boston values, and Philly values don’t include tolerance or freedom of express... More

America, welcome to the “Chicago way” happens to be headquartered in Chicago, the windy city and the home of President Obama. In fact, the billion dollar re-election campaign offices for President Obama are just a few blocks away from our own. Living and working here, we have grown accustomed to the “Chicago way.” We are surrounded by the stories of blatant crony capitalism, phony community organizing,... More


Videos of Dueling Pro-Life/Pro-Abort Chicago Rallies Last Week

God Bless these brave souls who went toe-to-toe with a nasty pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage group that came together to protest a tribute held in honor of pro-life hero Joe Scheidler in Chicago (last week I wrote about the recent threats Joe has received from pro-aborts). Here is a good photo showing the two rallys separated by a thin river of pavement: WARNING: THIS VIDEO (showing the pro-aborti... More



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