Free Sterilizations for Children! Brought to you by Obamacare…

Every time I think I’ve heard it all, I come across a story that shows I still have the capacity to be shocked. Catholic Online’s Stephanie Zawada dropped this bomb today. I’m pretty sure I started shouting something incomprehensible at my monitor, because all my kids came running to ask me what was going on. (I didn’t tell them.) Forget the milestones of obtaining a driv... More

Where is the next Sandusky?

“They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again and when they do it — seems that only the children weep.” -Harper Lee, “To Kill a Mockingbird” Remember when sports pundits called the Penn State football program squeaky clean? The famous Paterno creed, “winning with honor” served as the high standard for collegiate football. Then, the Sandusky scandal erupted.... More


Children have rights too

I know the Fortnight for Freedom is getting a lot of coverage in Catholic circles right now, and deservedly so, but I want to take a minute and respond to some of the comments made in the wake of the column I wrote for CV on Father’s Day. I don’t plan on making this a regular occurrence, but given the heft of some of the arguments concerning absentee dads, fatherless homes and the larger iss... More


Facebook Status: Unfriendly

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. ~Albert Einstein 27 year old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrived in New York this week to promote Facebook’s record $10 billion initial public offering. The Facebook hype on Wall Street is tempered by an investigative report on which has uncovered countless child pornography images lurking in plain sight wi... More


A 13-month old was left by herself in an Occupy DC tent

On a cold, rainy day this week, a 13-month old baby girl was found alone in an Occupy DC tent.  Thirty minutes after police officers arrived, the little girl’s father returned.  He was subsequently arrested and charged with 2nd degree cruelty to children. It goes without saying that if the same thing had occurred at a Tea Party rally it would have been front-page news and the infant’s father... More

Parental Notification Needed for a Tylenol….Not for an Abortion

Here someone at the Huffington Post is campaigning against parents responsibly raising their children “While Illinois has a mandatory parental involvement law on the books, it has long been enjoined. Thus, young women in Illinois who are capable of making their own abortion decision can do so with the guidance of their healthcare provider and other trusted adults. They are not forced to invo... More




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