Reader: +Gomez warns religious liberty in peril, SF targets crisis pregnancy center, ‘Arab Winter’ for Christians?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Archbishop José Gomez penned a powerful piece in First Things on “our first freedom” – that of religious liberty. The archbishop of the nation’s largest diocese said: “There is much evidence to suggest that our society no longer values the public role of religion or recognizes the importance of re... More

Reader: Obama admin cuts grant to Bishops, Gov. Christie endorses Romney, Christians killed in Cairo

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Payback? The Obama administration has failed to renew a $19 million grant awarded to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to assist victims of human trafficking. The grant was first awarded in 2006 by the Migration and Refugee Services and has helped 2,700 victims of human trafficking. Sister Mary Ann Wal... More

“After Saturday comes Sunday”

On walls in the Gaza Strip or the West Bank these days, one can find the slogan “After Saturday comes Sunday.” Meaning, “On Saturday we will kill the Jews, and on Sunday we will kill the Christians.” For the past several years, in Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria and Pakistan, among numerous other countries, Christians have been enduring a perpetual and lethal Sunday at the hands of radi... More

Pope vs. Imam: “No war may be waged in God’s name”

I was wrapping up my time at home when news broke that a Coptic Church in Alexandria, Egypt had been suicide-bombed on Christmas Eve. One of the disturbing after effects of the attack has not only been Muslim-Christian riots and disturbances in Egypt, as well as fears among other Coptic communities of copycat attacks, but also the choice of an Egyptian Imam to criticize the Holy Father for express... More


One week after attack, Catholic Iraqis return to mourn

We must never forget our Catholic brothers and sisters who are under attack in Iraq. To get to Mass at Our Lady of Salvation Church on Sunday, worshipers had to pass through a blockade of police trucks, past armed sentries on the rooftop, and through a security checkpoint where they were frisked for weapons and explosives. Some came in mourning black, many in tears, most in a spirit of quiet ... More

Saudis arrest Filipino Catholics at Mass

Over this weekend let’s pray for Catholics throughout the world who are persecuted for their beliefs: RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi police raided a secret Catholic mass in Riyadh last week and arrested a dozen Filipinos and a Catholic priest, charging them with prosyletising, a local daily reported on Wednesday. The raid took place as some 150 Filipinos were attending the mass in a Riya... More



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