On this, the Feast of St. Stephen

Canterbury, Easter morning, 1988 Today is the second of the twelve days of Christmas, the Feast of St. Stephen, one of only two persons in the entirety of the New Testament, described as “full of grace.” In his nearly timeless play, “Murder in the Cathedral,” Anglo-American playwright T.S. Eliot offered an interlude of sorts, a Christmas homily.  The interlude divides the two major acts o... More

Advocates for Women Bishops Rejoiced as Five More Anglican Bishops Join Catholic Ordinariate [Updated]

UPDATE — I missed that this article is a year old. But I think my observations about the trends still stand. === Traditional Anglican bishops leaving the Church of England and joining the Roman Catholic Church’s Ordinariate as advocates for female bishops simultaneously push for (and rejoice over) their departure: Advocates for women bishops last night welcomed the resignation of five... More



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