Is Marco Rubio the Republican’s savior?

Senator Marco Rubio has the potential to do a lot of good for the Republican Party. He’s young, well spoken, can appeal to voting blocs the GOP desperately needs, and is widely-popular in his home state of Florida. But, is he the savior of the Republican Party? Time Magazine thinks so. Here’s the cover of their latest issue: Rubio, however, is a Roman Catholic, and he doesn’t want... More

Two Contradictory Examples of How Gay Marriage Is Being “Debated” Today

Gay activists intent on redefining marriage and thereby marginalizing and stigmatizing Christian viewpoints on family, marriage and sexuality are utilizing some very contradictory arguments these days. Consider these two examples I came across recently which illustrate the point well. Example 1: John Shore, author of “UNFAIR: Why the ‘Christian’ View of Gays Doesn’t Wor... More



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