Stimulate the economy: buy another yacht!

Spotted on teh Twitters yesterday: Obama in Columbus: “You give a tax break to millionaires, what’s he going to do with it? You can only buy so many yachts.” — Alan Johnson (@ohioaj) September 17, 2012 It was supposed to be a laugh line, I assume. A real gotcha. Because Mitt Romney is rich and another tax break would mean he would have more disposable income, with which he wou... More

Democrats, Progressives, and the Intentional Fracturing of America

Politics of division is as old as the Greek city-states (if not as old as human civilization), but the unique tendency of the modern Democratic party to sow discord and envy among Americans is a disturbing trend that deserves more attention. The pope and Vatican often talk about promoting “solidarity between peoples”. Sowing discord and envy between segments of people is surely the opp... More

Envy: Why Catholics Should Care

My most recent post, “The Democrats’ Deadly Sin,” elicited a number of comments from readers, for which I’m grateful. One particular reader, however, had a couple of objections that I think merit a response. The reader objected that my post seemed too partisan and had little to do with Catholicism. On the first point, I don’t know that my post was “partisan.” For example, I stressed ... More




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