Green People Get Drunk And Wreckesss

A site for all things Chicken Little has a fun little typo… Apparently too much CO2 is bad for certain fish species because it makes them do things they otherwise wouldn’t do. Like swim too close to predators. Or guardrails, or something. Because, you know, they get drunk and start slurring their words and they get “wreckesss” like earthweek web editorsssss. For the record... More

Transgendered Clownfish and their Unfunny Clownish Handlers: The Antics of Oakland and the Teachers Union

The highlights of this long-ish post: Students in an Oakland school from kindergarten through 5th grade were subjected to two whole days of lessons from a group called “Gender Spectrum.” Transgendered clownfish and sea horses were used to show something about human gender identity. “Gender identity is one’s own sense of themselves” and what we feel about what we ar... More



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