Bishop Gumbleton Misrepresents Archbishop Vigneron on Who Should Receive Communion

Archbishop Vigneron and Bishop Gumbleton may be less at odds than Bishop Gumbleton seems to think.  Vigneron’s statements that some individuals should not present themselves for Communion referred to those who publicly advocate for such things as same sex marriages, or any other serious matter, such as the legalization of abortion, not to the private individual who struggles with these mat... More

Want a Truly Catholic Vote? Bring Back the Altar Rails!

Allow me to digress from explicitly political commentary for a moment and speak about something more deeply Catholic, and how the two intertwine. I’ve been attending the Traditional Latin Mass (a.k.a. “the Extraordinary Form”) for most of the last decade. I’ve written about this elsewhere, and won’t clog up this space with my reasons. (That’s what Google is for... More

IL Bishops Blast Gov. Quinn For Giving Pro-Abortion Award; Priest May Deny Him Communion

The bishops of Illinois, led by Cardinal George, have issued a strong statement in response to the news that Catholic governor Pat Quinn will grant an award at an event hosted by a pro-abortion political organization: We have recently been made aware of Governor Quinn’s decision to present a Pro-Choice Leadership Award at an upcoming event for a political organization known as Personal PAC. This... More

Bishop Aquila on Obstinate Pro-Abort Politicians: “Treat Them as a Tax Collector or Gentile. Expel them.”

School may still be out for summer, but in this interview with Catholic World Report, Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, ND is unambiguous about what the rules for disobedient Catholic politicians ought to be: How should the Church respond to Catholic politicians who support legalized abortion? Bishop Aquila: Their particular bishops can use the process of correction that is given to us in sacred Scri... More

Maureen Dowd, Andrew Cuomo, and the Public Death of Catholic Conscience

Woody Allen’s brilliant 1989 film Crimes & Misdemeanors is on my mind a great deal these days as I read the statements made by prominent Catholic liberals about their push for same-sex marriage. The movie is much on my mind because it tells the story of a man who commits a grave crime, but is miraculously spared being caught and punished for it. As the movie concludes, we realize the man... More

With Governor Cuomo Signing Away Marriage, Will the Bishops Act?

I’m going to be short and to the point in this post in order to simply register my opinion. Andrew Cuomo should be denied Communion. That’s the only conclusion I can come to after witnessing his brazen efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, directly ignoring and acting against the public pleas and warnings of the bishops of New York. Andrew Cuomo already is known to be livi... More

Must-Read +Chaput: On the Devil and Politics, and on Bishops and Communion

I will never tire of saying this: read everything Archbishop Chaput writes. The Public Discourse has published an essay adapted from a recent keynote address he gave at the University of Notre Dame’s student-organized pro-life lecture series: A healthy democracy depends on people of conviction working hard to advance their ideas in the public square—respectfully and peacefully, but vigorou... More

On the Cuomo Communion Question, here comes everybody!

To date my father canon lawyer Ed Peters’ comments on Andrew Cuomo and his ineligibility to receive Communion have garnered over 500 headlines: Of course my father didn’t go looking for this conflagration – he just answered an interview request. You can chalk up the avalanche of resulting headlines to a) general public interest in the salacious details of Governor Cuomo’s... More



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