On Cuomo’s Communion, Everyone Chimes In

Platt/Getty It’s been a bit surprising to see how much traction my father’s recent comments on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (in)eligibility to receive Communion have received. But, as my father notes, we probably should have expected this: A political wag once observed that the fastest way to start a ruckus on Capitol Hill is to point out what the Constitution actually says. In the Chur... More

The (dis)courtesy of the New York Times

Stewart Cairns/Associated Press On Monday my father canon lawyer Ed Peters was interviewed by Michael Chapman of Cybercast News on the eligibility of New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo to receive Communion. Yesterday Thomas Kaplan of the New York Times picked up the story but, inexplicably, wrote “Dr. Peters declined a request for an interview” in the story. Here’s my father̵... More

Disaster: Pro-abort governors receive Communion, praise from bishops {updated}

Here we go again: New York’s new governor and lieutenant governor, Andrew Cuomo and Bob Duffy, attended Sunday Mass at Albany’s cathedral, where Bishop Howard Hubbard preached that the work of government was an aspect of evangelization. Cuomo and Sandra Lee, described by the New York Daily News as his “live-in girlfriend,” sat in the front pew. “We know they, over the next four years,... More




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