400 condoms for 400 crosses.

I hope they don't have a sign with the converse of this in the beer and wine section. Bad: An art student at Western Kentucky University got credit in her art class for putting condoms on 400 crosses. Even worse: The crosses were put in place as a pro-life demonstration. I do have one big takeaway from this, but I’m gonna make you wait for that one. Slight back-story: The pro-life studen... More

Bet Their Lives! Promote Condoms.

World AIDS Day was Dec. 1, and coming as it did so soon after Pope Benedict XVI’s trip to Africa, it reminded me of the old argument against Catholics. We’re supposedly so unbending in our hatred of the condom that we are condemning people to death by venereal disease. Actually, the opposite is true: Condom promoters are so unbending in their love of the condom that they are condemning... More

Free Condoms for 11 year-olds.

I had about three starts-and-stops on writing this post. What can you really say about a city giving away condoms to 11 year-old children? It’s horrid? It’s unimaginably bad law writing? It’s a sign of the utter rot of our culture? See, for a whole lot of us, all of that goes without saying, so why say it? We’ll just look, agape, at the cesspool that produces such policy, a... More


The CDF’s condom conclusion, and mine

When the pope’s comments on condoms ignited (yet another) controversy over the Church’s teaching on the subject one month ago, I and others were criticized for allegedly reading into the pope’s words what we wanted him to say. It was claimed we were twisting the pope’s words to suit our opinion. Yesterday the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a clarification... More

Parsing the Pope’s condom quotes

Much digital ink has been spilled about what the pope was supposed to have said to Peter Seewald in the upcoming book Light of the World concerning condom use by prostitutes or certain other non-specific individuals. I wrote about it before, Thomas Peters wrote about it here and here, a good treatment was offered by Dr. Janet Smith and another by Jimmy Akin. But no one really focused exclusively ... More

AP at odds with reality over condoms.

Sometimes a facepalm is the best first reaction. They must get a kick out of their power. Bertolt Brecht once said, “Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” News reporting is clearly an artform for some. The writers and editors at AP took fifteen minutes, max, to find some quotes that at least obliquely fit into their story, then they throw in some... More




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