Catholic Charities Clarifies Its Position On The Compromise

There’s been a bit of concern regarding statements or quotes from Catholic Charities that made it sound as if the organization was distancing itself from the USCCB and accepting the compromise on the HHS contraception mandate. Catholic Charities has a statement posted on its website to clarify the matter: In response to a great number of mischaracterizations in the media, Catholic Charities ... More

Archbishop: The President Did Not Respond to Deep Moral Concerns

From Archbishop Gomez in Los Angeles: Statement on New Federal Rules Requiring Religious and other Employers to Provide Contraception in their Health Insurance Plans Archbishop José H. Gomez February 13, 2012 President Obama’s announcement on Friday concerning health care mandates is troubling and frustrating. Because unfortunately, he did not really respond to the deep moral concerns raised ... More

Why Catholics Should be Insulted by the Obama “Compromise”

There’s been an avalanche of reaction to and commentary on the “compromise” President Obama offered yesterday at lunchtime. I want to share my reaction: I’m insulted. It’s simply insulting to our intelligence that the President would propose that Catholics sign a document which, while not saying explicitly it will pay for abortion pills, contraception and sterilizatio... More

51 Catholic (+16 Religious) Institutions Opposing Obama/HHS Mandate

Every single bishop (all 180 who are the head of a diocese) in the United States has publicly condemned the Obama/HHS mandate. Now I’d like to begin compiling a list of Catholic (and religious) institutions who have said publicly they will fight or oppose the mandate. A few ground-rules: I’m only going to include institutions that have issued public statements online or a statement t... More

Compromise On Religious Freedom? Never!

The Associated Press and other news outlets are saying today that the White House is considering a “compromise” on the HHS mandate requiring Catholic institutions to cover abortion pills, contraceptives and sterilization. How can you compromise on this question? Either the government is forcing our Catholic institutions to do this, or it isn’t. There isn’t any room in-bet... More

Was Santorum’s Triple Victory Last Night a Referendum on Obamacare’s HHS Mandate?

Rick Santorum had a HUGE night last night, winning all three states that held primaries and caucuses yesterday: Missouri by over 30 points (winning every county), Minnesota by almost 20 points, and most surprising of all, Colorado by 5 points. First of all, I want to PRAISE and THANK all of you who responded to my post yesterday calling on Catholics to support Rick Santorum in these states. One pr... More

Memo to Obama: You’ve Got a Problem.

It’s been amazing to watch White House Press Secretary Jay Carney dutifully take the podium day after day and deny that Obama has created a problem for himself by forcing Catholic individuals and institutions to subsidize abortifacient drugs, sterilizations and contraception. Let me break it down for the President: When over 90% of Catholic bishops have condemned your decision and promised n... More

On Obama’s Unwinnable Battle Against Religious Liberty

What a crazy week it has been, between the Obamacare/HHS mandate, over 150 bishops speaking out against it, and the battle between Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood. A great many people are visiting this site today because of my comments on the Komen situation — my most recent thoughts on that can be found here (ongoing updates can be found at my twitter page @AmericanPapist — the ... More



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