Contraception Opposed Me First

Did the Pill create Generation Unwanted? I opposed contraception at age 16 for reasons unrelated to the reasons I am against it now. I wasn’t yet against contraception because of faith in God’s providence, or fidelity to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church, or out of sheer horror at the culture of divorce that contraception has fueled. I opposed contraception because contraception op... More

The Heart of the Lie

What is the Obama Administration’s “Free Contraception for All” mandate really about? It’s not, as so many others have ably pointed out, about women’s health. Contraception has long been free (or almost free) for the asking to all comers, and you could fill an insurance adjuster’s logbook for a month dealing with all the other far more essential procedures and drugs for which women are... More

Now, Apologize for Forcing Us to Violate Our Religion

Is it okay to force Catholics to burn this? President Obama, if you are apologizing for U.S. forces being involved in the burning of the Koran, why are you not apologizing for Health & Human Services forcing Catholics like me to violate our consciences on contraception? By your apology do you mean to say: “Whether I agree with your religious belief about the Koran or not, I respect your ... More

Frodo Is in Africa

For all those films’ flaws, the last Lord of the Rings movie ends perfectly (the first ending, I mean, before it keeps ending over and over again.) Our heroes are at the gates of Mordor, swords drawn, ready to die fighting, as the orcs surround them. There is no question how that lopsided battle is going to turn out … until little Frodo and his faithful friend Sam change everything. It’s a g... More

How the White House’s 98% Contraception Figure for Catholics is Wrong

Lydia McGrew has done an excellent service by tracking down and reading the study behind the Obama administration’s “98% of Catholic women use contraception” myth. She points out that the Guttmacher study that myth is based on says no such thing. The  organization Politifact has made the myth worse by reading the study and trying to give the administration cover. Politifact take... More

First, They Took Away the Right to Life. Now Comes Liberty.

Vaughn Kohler has written a powerful post at the Gregorian Institute blog, called “Do You Believe Us Now, America?” “Pro-lifers have always understood that if you have no right to life, you have no right to liberty, either,” he writes. “The Obama administration’s contraception mandate is proving us right.” A key paragraph: The “unalienable rights” of the... More

“Never Was it Known, That Anyone Who Fled to Thy Protection …”

The Memorare Army Prayer Campaign for religious liberty continues apace … we are about halfway to our goal of a million Memorares in response to the new health care mandate and all the other recent attacks on religious liberty. We appreciate the attention the prayer campaign has gotten from the Cardinal Newman Society. We started this prayer campaign in response to Archbishop Joseph Naumann&... More

Join the Army

… the Memorare Army, that is. At Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s urging, Benedictine College and the Gregorian Institute are launching  the Memorare Army prayer campaign (read more at Following the model of Blessed Mother Teresa’s original Memorare Army concept, we hope to gather pledges for  1 million Memorares for religious liberty and stronge... More

10 Ways the Obama Administration Has Alienated Catholics

“We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law,” Kansas City-Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann wrote in his letter to Sunday Mass congregations about the Obama administration’s health care mandate. “Our parents and grandparents did not come to these shores to help build America’s cities and towns, its infrastructure and institutions, its enterprise and culture, only to hav... More

Reader: Liberal Catholics denounce Obama’s mandate, How a Ron Paul win helps Romney, Is Santorum surging?

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Michael Sean Winters is not a right-winger. Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter rails against the Obama administration for not providing a true religious exemption in their contraception mandate and also calls it bad politics. Even Commonweal magazine published an ed... More



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