Controversial Notre Dame Board of Trustees Member Resigns

Local Chicago WGN reports: A Chicago business executive resigned today from the University of Notre Dame’s board of trustees, after conservative Catholic columnists reported that she donated thousands of dollars to an organization that supported pro-choice politicians. Roxanne Martino, president and chief executive officer of Aurora Investment Management, a Chicago firm that manages more th... More

LGBT-funded poll falsely claims that most Catholics support same-sex marriage

Last week I began to expose the coordinated efforts of well-funded gay-rights groups to subvert the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and marriage by funding groups, including “Catholic” groups, whose sole purpose is to change our minds about these issues. In that post I focused on a single organization – Arcus (Latin for “rainbow”) – which alone has cont... More

Archbishop Dolan, in unmistakeable terms, condemns Obama’s DOMA dereliction

The press has attempted at times to suggest that there is a cozy relationship between the US Bishops and the White House. But the statement released by Abp. Timothy Dolan today could not make it any more clear that, at least on the issue of marriage, the bishops and the President hold opposing views: The announcement on February 23 that the President has instructed the Department of Justice to s... More

On the Cuomo Communion Question, here comes everybody!

To date my father canon lawyer Ed Peters’ comments on Andrew Cuomo and his ineligibility to receive Communion have garnered over 500 headlines: Of course my father didn’t go looking for this conflagration – he just answered an interview request. You can chalk up the avalanche of resulting headlines to a) general public interest in the salacious details of Governor Cuomo’s... More

LiveAction, Lies & the Truth about Abortion

There has been a growing debate among Catholics about the morality of the means used by LiveAction to expose Planned Parenthood’s evil agenda, with good Catholics of unquestionable pro-life convictions, deep faith and valid reasoning falling on both sides of the debate. All of us agree that abortion is an intrinsic evil, that the cause of the unborn is the greatest civil rights issue of our ... More

Church Law says Permanent Deacons (and all clerics) are obliged to abstain from sex, notes Canonist Edward Peters {updated}

[To keep things simple I am keeping this topic limited to this one post which will be updated often – please scroll down for the latest updates – the most recent one took place Wednesday, Jan 19, 11AM ET] I have been struggling to decide the appropriate way to help bring this issue before the Church’s attention. Canon Lawyer Ed Peters This little point, illustrated my father Cano... More

Bp. Olmsted’s invisible supporters

This is news from last week, but it is important we not forget the brave stand on principle that Bishop Thomas Olmsted has made, and how his detractors are seeking to tear him down. From my father canon lawyer Ed Peters’ blog: In their editorial announcing Sr. Carol Keehan as the National Catholic Reporter’s “Person of the Year”, the NCR editors make an astounding claim. It reads as fo... More


Condoms, Consistency, and the Vatican’s Crisis of (mis)Communication

After an especially busy week, I decided to take a day off. Bad move. After turning my phone off for (four!) hours, I finally glanced at it only to find my email and voicemail inbox overflowing with messages about the L’Osservatore Romano‘s leaked excerpts of Pope Benedict’s comments on condoms, a tiny portion of a wide-ranging interview with Peter Seewald which will be publishe... More


Sed Contra American Life League

Strategical diversity in the Pro-Life movement is a good thing, but a lack of charity could undo the movement. The controversial pro-life group, the American Life League, is once again stirring the pot within the pro-life movement. This time their target is the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The American Papist, as always, has an excellent summary of the issue. While I disagree with ALL... More



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