RIP, Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011)

Last night Christopher Hitchens, atheist, went to meet his Maker. I, and other Christians have been praying for Christopher for 532 days. Terry Mattingly interviewed me about my prayer campaign for Hitchens here. This weekend I’ll say a rosary for the repose of his soul. I can’t say it better than Daniel Foster: “I’m sure I join many in hoping he is in for a glorious, glorious ... More


Advocates for Women Bishops Rejoiced as Five More Anglican Bishops Join Catholic Ordinariate [Updated]

UPDATE — I missed that this article is a year old. But I think my observations about the trends still stand. === Traditional Anglican bishops leaving the Church of England and joining the Roman Catholic Church’s Ordinariate as advocates for female bishops simultaneously push for (and rejoice over) their departure: Advocates for women bishops last night welcomed the resignation of five... More

Powerful Video: Robert Downey Jr. Asks Hollywood to Forgive Mel Gibson

I posted this video to AmP Facebook and Twitter last night and it drew a strong positive response: “Hugging the cactus” — now that’s a powerful image. I think you can figure out the backstory. Frank Weathers discusses it. Evidently the event organizers had no idea that Robert Downey Jr. had this planned. They chose Mel Gibson to introduce Downey because they were “co... More

Reader: HHS Secy raising money for NARAL, Perry rakes in the cash, Dems win WV Gov race

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. The Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius is helping to raise money for the pro-abortion group NARAL in Chicago tonight. (Remember, Sebelius claims to be Catholic.) reports that NARAL has been touting Sebelius’ appearance by saying she “is guiding the implementation of th... More

This Easter, Pray for the Astonishing Variety of People Joining the Church

A reminder, as we enter Triduum, of all the new papists we must keep in our prayers! A Muslim, a family of seven, a marine, a former abortion clinic administrator [Abby Johnson] – these are just a few of the many faces of people from around the country who are slated to join the Catholic Church at Easter. The U.S. bishops’ conference recently profiled a handful of unique stories from i... More


Update: Madonna NOT ditching Kabbalah for Opus Dei

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t last long. Still, I’m keeping her in my prayers. === The doors to the meeting were no doubt guarded by a group of albino assassin monks: FOR the past 15 years, she has been Kabbalah’s most high profile and dedicated follower. But now Madonna has apparently ditched the controversial faith and taken up with Opus Dei – the secretive Catholic sect made famo... More




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