[UPDATED] Osama is dead, Al Qaeda is alive. Obama is a liar, Part III

[UPDATE 10-10-12 at 5:16 p.m.: Turns out part of my point is spot-on. A book about to be released by Mark Bowden that chronicles fairly in-depth details of the process within the Obama administration to hunt and get Osama corroborates my point that Obama hunted Osama as the sine qua non of foreign policy. Why did this article appear today and the book will be released soon? As  @bdomenech put it... More

Pelosi’s latest self-inflicted wound, this time while “defending” Eric Holder

This woman seems not to have any shame. Nancy Pelosi today said that the investigation by Congress into the Department of Justice’s coverup of the Fast and Furious debacle was intended to prevent Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ from stopping the suppression of voter turnout in the upcoming election. Really, that’s her charge. It’s a fantastic charge that suffers mortal w... More



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