Everything in your country stinks? A suggestion: don’t be autocratic socialists.

When a “revolution” has continued for more than 50 years and all that has resulted is greater stagnation and a crumbling infrastructure one might be tempted to rethink one’s model. Not if you’re the Castro boys. They, instead, look for another, wealthier, nation to suck up to and live off of. For the past 10+ years that nation has been Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Now tha... More

Reader: Pope to visit Cuba, Romney slams Newt, Pelosi calls bishops ‘lobbyists’

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. The Catholic Church confirms Pope Benedict XVI will visit Cuba in the spring. http://cvote.to/9g The mitts come off: Romney slams Gingrich for attacking Paul Ryan’s Medicare reforms. http://cvote.to/9h Mitt Romney now says he wouldn’t recommend other states adopt Romneycare. That’s a shift from what he... More



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