The Battle for Western Culture: What is at Stake?

This morning, I came across an article published in May of this year by my friend Hilary White, the Rome Correspondent for Lifesitenews. The focus of the piece was about Pope Benedict’s message to the 7th World Meeting of Families in Milan. The Holy Father’s repeated message has been that families are the foundation of society, and White pinpoints the reason why: Behind the primacy of ... More


Kenneth Cole’s Ridiculous Pro-Choice Campaign Compares Abortion to Shopping

I don’t mind designer clothes, but Kenneth Cole’s campaign comparing the “right” of women to chose to have an abortion with the “right” of women to choose which handbag they buy is just ridiculous. More than ridiculous – it’s morally unseriousness. Even the video that accompanies the Kenneth Cole image featured in this post shows a woman anguishing o... More

The Importance of Jim Morlino’s Movies

I’m just getting back from a bi-coastal vacation that included the San Francisco Bay Area (and Kolbe Academy), Massachusetts (and the Stockbridge Divine Mercy Shrine) and Connecticut, where we had the pleasure of visiting the set of the new Navis Pictures film. Jim Morlino & co. (Photo by Lynn Wehner) Jim Morlino (you may have seen him on EWTN recently) is the mastermind behind Navis Pic... More

Update: A “Surfing Madonna” Mural in Encinitas, CA Draws Mass Following

UPDATE – the artist has stepped forward to help remove the mosaic without damaging it. Here it is: The backstory: The surfing Madonna appeared just before Easter weekend and has been stirring a soulful debate in this Southern California beach town ever since. The striking mosaic of the Virgin of Guadalupe riding a wave was affixed to a wall under a train bridge by artists disguised as c... More

Ick: NBC requires actors to sign nudity clause for primetime show

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Hollywood continues to push the envelope. The Parents Television Council, a watchdog group that alerts families to objectionable programming, notes that NBC has stipulated in contract that actors have to be willing to do scenes with nudity or simulated sex for their upcoming TV show “The Playboy Club&... More

Confronting Catholic Cohabitation

Cohabitation is bad, bad, bad. Contrary to the popular notion that it provides couples a chance to “test drive” marriage, it actually results in lower marriage rates, more break-ups, harms women (who almost always get the short end of the deal), and generally creates a terrible human mess for a couple trying to live as one while not actually committing to live as one or to make the sa... More


Overdue: Marriott hotels to take pornography off the menu

This is long overdue, for several reasons I will explain: Marriott International, one of the nation’s leading hotel groups, tells Hotel Check-In that it’s pulling access to adult movies from the new hotel rooms it will be opening the next several years. … Marriott’s decision also comes after years of discussing whether the availability of adult entertainment in guest roo... More




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