The Beginner’s Guide to Big Big Train

As I type this, I do so from Delta Flight 1094, just having departed Detroit, en route to the Pacific Northwest for a week of lecturing for the college.  Somewhat brilliantly, at the other end of this flight, I get to enjoy lunch with my brother, Todd (organic farmer extraordinaire and all around brilliant guy), in Portland.  He emailed me that we should have Swedish food at Ikea.  Either Ikea ... More

Dan McInerny and “High Concepts”

Well, I must admit, I’m generally attracted to good writing, whether I agree with the viewpoints expressed or not.  I also appreciate meeting fascinating persons and maintaining a friendship with such folks. In the case of Professor Daniel McInerny, one can have both excellent writing and high friendship. And, for better or worse (well, for Dan, at least), I also really agree with what he w... More



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