Sen. Harkin: A “misallocation of wealth” is the problem. Like having too many greyhounds.

Hal Roach the Irish comedian would tell a joke that went like this (read it in your best Irish brogue): Father Murphy was in rare form in the pulpit on Sunday, exhorting his parishoners to be more generous. “If ye have an excess, share with those who have naught,” he said. “It is the Christian thing to do.” To make an example of one of the exemplary local farmers he asked O... More

Eye-Opening: The U.S. Budget Explained As a Family’s Household Budget

We have a hard time understanding big numbers, because we never encounter them in day-to-day life. “1 Trillion Dollars”? What does that even mean? Carrie Lukas at NRO’s The Corner blog points us to something very helpful — explaining the U.S. Budget in terms of a household budget: The Gainesville Tea Party seems to have the right idea: They take some of our key economic num... More


$0.02 More On the Debt Limit Debate

I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on my post yesterday where I contributed my two cents on the current national debate over raising the debt limit. Many of you contributed your own two cents and I think we’re starting to accumulate a healthy savings account of back-and-forth opinion. I want to expand the debate now, taking into consideration one of the best points was made since yeste... More



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