Reader: Newt’s attack on Mitt backfires, Obama still under 50% favorability, Illinois bishop expresses repentance

Welcome to the Lunchtime Reader, where we assemble important stories to keep your eyes on. Mitt Romney suggests that Newt Gingrich should return over a million dollars in consulting money to failed housing giant Freddie Mac. Gingrich responds suggesting that Romney return money he earned at Bain for laying people off. Newt’s response backfires big time. If Romney or Gingrich ... More

Crystal [large worship space] to become, at last, a cathedral.

The exteriors of Crystal Cathedral. Garden Grove, CA, USA. by Arnold C Not sure what the designation will be, since “Christ the Light” is taken by the, erm, innovative new cathedral in Oakland, but at least the large glass, steel, and concrete worship space designated “Crystal Cathedral” for so long will finally be a cathedral. The Diocese of Orange County just bought it, ... More



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