Taking note of those who create dissent

This may come as a shocker but, as a Catholic, I support traditional marriage. As a Catholic, I am also pro-life. And, as a Catholic, I find it deeply offensive that the President of the United States would use the coercive power of the federal government to force Catholic organizations to go against their moral teaching. Is Christ divided? St Paul once asked Caroline Kennedy feels differently... More

“Judas…Would Have Left if He Were Honest”

As Catholics, we’re called to a love of souls. We support our brothers and sisters in faith through prayer and fellowship, and every one of us has a vocation to evangelize, to whatever degree we are able. We are meant to bring the light of Christ into the darkness of the world. There’s a flip side to this equation, however. When I was a younger man, I did missionary work. I’d go... More


Occupy Vancouver Attempts to Invade Catholic Mass, As Catholic Left Tells Us Vatican Supports Them

I can’t believe I didn’t make this connection earlier. It took this story out of Canada to help me connect the dots: Organizers of the Occupy Vancouver movement almost took over the Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver on Sunday morning. Vancouver Police stopped the protesters from disrupting Mass at the Catholic church. A spokesman for the group, which renamed itself Occupy ... More

Bishop Aquila on Obstinate Pro-Abort Politicians: “Treat Them as a Tax Collector or Gentile. Expel them.”

School may still be out for summer, but in this interview with Catholic World Report, Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, ND is unambiguous about what the rules for disobedient Catholic politicians ought to be: How should the Church respond to Catholic politicians who support legalized abortion? Bishop Aquila: Their particular bishops can use the process of correction that is given to us in sacred Scri... More

Updated: Abp. O’Brien Sent Letters to Maryland’s Catholic Governor O’Malley Urging Him Not To Endorse SSM

UPDATE — Here are the letters I was looking for: Letter from Archbishop O’Brien (PDF) Letter from Governor O’Malley (PDF) === Over the weekend Catholic Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley released private letters he had exchanged with Archbishop of Baltimore Edwin O’Brien over the issue of same-sex marriage (an effort to pass same-sex marriage in Maryland earlier t... More

[Updated] Bishop Hubbard to Celebrate Mass for Dissenting Gay/Lesbian Group

What a difference a bishop makes. When the “Catholic” Association for Lesbian & Gay Ministry attempted to hold a fundraiser in a St. Paul-Minneapolis parish several months ago, Archbishop Niensted quickly put a stop to it. When the same “Catholic” Association for Lesbian & Gay Ministry (CALGM) announces it will host its national conference in Albany, NY, Bishop How... More

Updated: Catholic Senator Tells Gay Rally His False Reasons for Redefining Marriage

UPDATE: Important update below. The unwritten story about the vote to legalize gay marriage in New York last month was the role Catholic dissent played in letting it happen. In this revealing video, Catholic State Senator Jim Alesi (a Republican from Rochester NY who voted for same-sex marriage) tells a party hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (the wealthiest gay rights organization in America) ... More

Dissenting Detroit Priest Claims Immunity from Archbishop Because of Seniority?!

George Neumayr at CWR writes up this head-scratcher of a quote: Archbishop Allen Vigneron of Detroit will investigate a priest who said mass this past weekend at a celebration of dissent called the American Catholic Council, reports The Detroit Free Press. Archbishop Vigneron had warned clergy not to participate in the event. The priest in question, Fr. Bob Wurm, 78, doesn’t sound v... More


At Long Last: Cardinal George Suspends Renegade Chicago Pastor Michael Pfleger

I first covered Rev. Michael Pfleger’s outrageous antics almost three years ago. Since then his antics have continued, and – through his Facebook page – I’ve had the displeasure of being exposed to his misbehavior week by week. All of which led me to conclude that Fr. Pfleger is one of the most flagrantly-disobedient priests in the nation. Today things finally came to a he... More

On the question of spending money to defend marriage, Pelosi gets religion

When I tweeted this story it generated a great deal of interest so I decided to bump it up to a full blog: Here is the NYT news story the above tweet points to: “Pelosi Questions Legal Cost on Marriage Law.” I really thought Pelosi had reached the point where she could no longer surprise me, but I was wrong. Pelosi’s complaint that defending DOMA will cost too much surprises me.... More



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