Next front in religious liberty fight: Military chaplains and “ceremonies”?

The military chaplaincy, from the Catholic perspective, is one of the strangest amalgamations of duties, responsibilities, authorities, and chains of command. You have your bishop and your commanding officer. You have your “parishoners,” frequently consisting of many people not of the same faith, but for whom you have a more comprehensive pastoral responsibility—performing or arr... More

Booing the Gay Soldier

A lot has been made about how shameful and embarrassing it is that a gay soldier stationed in Iraq was booed during the GOP presidential candidates’ debate last night in Orlando, Florida. That’s fair. It would be shameful and embarrassing for an American audience to boo a soldier who was putting his life at risk for others — an act which is the highest form of love, according to... More

Abp. Broglio: The Chaplains’ Brave General

Archbishop Timothy Broglio doesn’t have many friends these days, or at least not many vocal ones. As the Archbishop of the Military Services, Abp. Broglio has been waging a one-man battle against the efforts to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). For this impudence, he has been labelled “an embarrassment” by Michael Winters at NCReporter. Others have said his argum... More



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