Can A Catholic Still Vote For Him… Even Now?

When professor Doug Kmiec asked and answered the question in 2008 about whether Catholics could vote for Barack Obama he didn’t manage to convince a single soul. I mean that no one changed their vote based on his book. But he did demonstrate how hard one had to suspend disbelief in order to vote for for then-Senator Obama. Kmiec quoted Pope Benedict on page 78 of Can a Catholic Support Him?: Ask... More

Stuck: Ex-Ambassador Kmiec Says He’ll Endorse Obama Again in 2012

Roughly three years after Doug Kmiec became the most visible “conservative, pro-life” Catholic to endorse Barack Obama for President, have his views changed at all? Has he learned anything from the experience of this intervening time? Apparently … not: Outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Malta Doug Kmiec has reiterated his support for President Obama and said he will almost certainly en... More

End of an Illusion? Doug Kmiec Resigns as Ambassador to Malta.

Doug Kmiec has resigned as U.S. Ambassador to Malta. I’m not surprised by the news. Kmiec’s resignation is only the latest episode in a long, slow decline of intellectual integrity which first became public when he endorsed Obama for President in 2008. Kmiec’s story and his stories about Obama’s true agenda passed beyond absurdity some time ago. I pity Kmiec personally but ... More




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