Why Prosecute When You Can Intimidate? Government Bullying 101

Robert Small is a parent in Towson, Md., a Baltimore County town known in the area for the quality of its schools. Several years ago, the district quietly adopted the national Common Core standards, a group of educational “standards” created by the federal government and backed by big industry that have been adopted by governors in 45 states and bring big dollars to school districts. ... More


From the “it couldn’t happen here” file…

Catholic schools in Canada will not be able to teach that abortion is wrong: An official transcript sent to LifeSiteNews by the Ontario government confirms that Dalton McGuinty’s Education Minister told media on Wednesday that Catholic schools should not be teaching that abortion is wrong because it is a violation of the government’s newly-enacted anti-bullying bill. In comments largely ignore... More


Can A Catholic Still Vote For Him… Even Now?

When professor Doug Kmiec asked and answered the question in 2008 about whether Catholics could vote for Barack Obama he didn’t manage to convince a single soul. I mean that no one changed their vote based on his book. But he did demonstrate how hard one had to suspend disbelief in order to vote for for then-Senator Obama. Kmiec quoted Pope Benedict on page 78 of Can a Catholic Support Him?: Ask... More

Supreme Court unanimously backs religious freedom

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rejected the Obama administration’s anti-religious and anti-constitutional view that the government can interfere in a religious body’s appointment of ministers including religious teachers. In the Hosanna-Tabor case, the Supreme Court held that a Lutheran school’s decision to fire an ordained teacher who led prayer activities canno... More

Render unto God…

Was separation of Church and State established way before America? 17 And Jesus answering, said to them: Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s. And they marvelled at him. As Catholics we believe that we are made in the image and likeness of God.  We are to tie to Him ourselves, we belong to Him who created us. ... More

The John Paul II Institute: Articulating and Sharing the Church’s Uplifting Vision of the Human Person

I wrote last week about the importance of supporting the Church’s institutional presence. To paraphrase Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York (and others), the institutional Church reveals the incarnated aspect of our faith: we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, the Body of Christ in the world today. One such institution that is vital in today’s culture is the Pontifical John... More

How an archbishop and a lawyer fought together for Detroit schoolchildren

I spoke with Clark Durant at the Michigan Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island last weekend. We talked about his role in starting the innovative Cornerstone Schools with Cardinal Adam Maida, which has helped thousands of families in Detroit for nearly 20 years. Durant was not Catholic when he started Cornerstone, but he has since converted to the Catholic Church. Today in Detroit, o... More

Seeking a good education ought not be a felony.

A post on being pro-choice on education. But first, the mandatory video. Now the post: Yes, she broke the law. She should not have done that. Bad mom. Bad. Kelley Williams-Bolar, a single mom who aspires to be a teacher, used her father’s address to enroll her children in a different school district than the one in which she lives. She was concerned for her kids and wanted them to have a de... More


Fair game for Christie, but not for Obama?

During a call-in TV show Gov. Chris Christie was criticized by a constituent for sending his kids to parochial school while cutting the budget for New Jersey public schools.  His response:  “With all due respect, Gayle, it’s none of your business.  I don’t ask you where you send your kids to school, don’t bother me about where I send mine.” The media immediately jumped on the straigh... More

Be There! “It Takes a Family” Conference in San Diego, July 28-31

The Ruth Institute does a spectacular job promoting a healthy marriage culture among the next generation, especially on college campuses. Their upcoming “It Takes a Family” Conference, which takes place in San Diego July 28-31, is not to be missed! The conference is open to young adults aged 18-30. Here is their speaker roster. Here is where you can apply to be accepted. They offer nee... More



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