Shocker: Notre Dame Elects Trustee Who Donates to Pro-Abort Causes

I’m trying so hard to root for the Irish but they keep doing stuff like this: The Cardinal Newman Society last week reported the stunning news that the Chicago businesswoman just elected to the Notre Dame Board of Trustees, Roxanne M. Martino, has in recent years contributed sizable sums to pro-abortion groups. The largest contributions, totaling $16,150.00 between 2005 and 2008, went to E... More

re re: Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Kathryn, most socially-conscious conservatives and more than a few liberals would agree that a return to traditional gender roles would help the urban poor. In the case of the male urban poor, they would learn to act less Charlie Sheen or Arnold Schwarzenegger and more like Bob Hurley or Dr. King. But I think your argument begs the question, who will teach the poor to act this way? Who is willing... More

re: Catholic Institutions Need More Vince Lombardi’s

Mark, the documentary about St. Anthony’s, The Street Stops Here is powerful. And it underscores a point our culture can forget: Men are powerful influences on one another. Men are powerful influences on boys, giving them the example they need to be men, to know what a man is. Relatedly: We need men — to be confident in their masculinity. (And we need women to be confident in the comp... More

A Minute With…U of I Professor Advocates Secret Abortions for Minors

Reading my University of Illinois news yesterday, I came upon an advocacy interview (the lead story, in fact) with Professor Leslie Reagan promoting abortion for minors without parental notification. With the U of I in dire financial trouble, and under attack for admissions preferences, I sincerely question the wisdom of releasing an abortion promo as an official news piece from the University of... More


Republicans Join Democrats to Betray Illinois Students

You’re asking, aren’t school vouchers a Republican/conservative/libertarian core belief? You’d expect Democrats to kill it — and certainly many did their part — but why would Republicans join in execution? The usual explanation is tempting. Leading the House GOP opposition was one Rep. Roger Eddy, a double dipper from downstate Hutsonville. According to a Family Taxp... More


Vouchers Could Come Up for Vote Today in Illinois House

Senate Bill 2494 could come up for a full vote in the Illinois House as soon as today.  SB 2494 provides for a limited voucher for students at under-performing public school students to use at the private school of their choice.  It does not reduce funding for public schools, and is fully supported by the Archdiocese of Chicago and Superintendent Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey, OP. . Here are a few Dem... More


Support Education Illinois. Tell the Republicans to Back Individual Choice and Vouchers

From the Illinois Review The Illinois House of Representatives is considering a key vote right now. Senate Bill 2494 would save thousands of children from Chicago’s worst schools by giving them a voucher allowing them to attend the school of their choice. This program has been successful in other states, and it won’t cost downstate or suburban schools any money. After years of your tax dollar... More


Dollars For Scholars: Rev. Senator James Meeks Seeks Support for Catholic Schools

My first encounter with Rev. Meeks was rather comical…there are two organizations on the South Side of Chicago named House of Hope, one a shelter run by Catholic Nuns, and the other a 25,000 member mega-church led by Rev. James Meeks.  Driving to drop off some items for the shelter, I called the number I had for the House of Hope and was greeted by one of Rev. Meeks staff.  After a quick e... More




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