This week’s sign that the Apocalypse is upon us

Not sure if it was 30 pieces of silver, these 9 Benjamins, or the approbation of San Fran Nan that convinced Driehaus to yield his conscience and his vote on baby-killing Obamacare, but that smile makes it look like he likes the filthy lucre. Catholic soon-to-be-former U.S. Representative Steve Driehaus voted for Obamacare, a law which all but the most willfully ignorant or deluded knew would fund... More

A mere 357 votes saves marriage in Minnesota?

Kurt Zellers will become Speaker in MN House And no I’m not talking about the Minnesota Governor’s race which is so close that it’s going into recount, with Democrat Mark Dayton up about 8000 votes over Republican Tom Emmer. Supporters of so-called “same-sex marriage” had their sights set on Minnesota to become the next state to recognize these counterfeit marriages. ... More



Rep.-Elect Sean Duffy, WI-7 The votes are in. And the Catholic vote was decisive. Republicans took control of the house in a massive sweep, while the Senate remains in the hands of the Democrats by a slim margin. Early indications suggest the GOP won 53% of the Catholic vote with Democrats garnering 45% of Catholics, according to a CNN exit poll. After losing the Catholic vote by 10 points in 2008... More

It’s like a secular Ash Wednesday… And an abortion analogy.

Talk about two different types of thoughts packed into one post. The first is entirely silly and the second ought not be controversial (but, sadly, it is). Secular "ashes" The First: With everyone who did the responsible thing on this civic “holy” day sporting their “I voted” sticker, I can’t help but think of how all Catholics look after dutifully assisting... More

Time to become the Catholic Vote!

I’ve got pre-election fever! And the only cure is more blogging! 😀 We’re heading into the final 10 days before the November election, yet in many ways, the time we have to help create a positive outcome is even shorter. I had a disconcerting experience yesterday. As I was browsing several campaign and election websites, I was struck by how much I wanted to help all these brave men and w... More

PA Catholic hospital closings a sign of things to come, unless we take action!

The bad consequences of Obamacare are on full display in Pennsylvania, but the lessons that the situation provides should motivate us all into taking action nationwide. Jeffrey Lord at American Spectator has done us all a service by calling attention to the scandal in PA: Can you say “October Surprise”? A mushrooming political battle over ObamaCare involving the White House, two incumb... More

Video: The Dream 2010 (Watch/Share!)

The Catholic Vote team has been hard at work preparing for this day – the launch of our new website design, political endorsements page and now … the first installment in a series of videos to inspire political involvement and action in 2010! (Read the email notice our president Brian Burch just sent to the CatholicVote community here.) Please help us spread the word – “Li... More

Does the right's support of Brown mean an end to the "non-negotiable" framework of voting?

Brown won and now everyone gives their opinion on what this means. Usually their opinion can be summarized as “See! I was right all along! Victory shall soon be mine!…er, ours!” How to interpret events is a tricky business, especially when they’re so unexpected. I was very surprised to see my facebook page light up with many congratulations and celebrations from pro-lifers,... More

For those curious about the Mass. election

the NYT reported (at the 1:40 mark) that it appears that turnout in several key Democrat districts is below expectations. I’m still amazed that there is even a race in Mass. in which a Republican has a chance (though judging by the gloomy tone of the NYT -which is busy throwing out scenarios that could save health care if Brown wins-may be a lot more than a mere chance, though I’ll wa... More


Harold Ford: Pro-Abortion Personally and Legislatively

In the past few weeks Harold Ford (D-NY?/TN?) has made his name synonymous with the worst of political opportunism. Ford represented Tennessee from 1997-2007. He retired from the House to unsuccessfully run for the Senate seat abandoned by Senator Bill Frist in 2006. In the course, of the 2006 Senate race tried to claim he was pro-life. For a more reliable take on that claim be sure to read Dougl... More



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