ObamaCare’s Hidden Pregnancy Tax

Pregnant? You’d Better Start Saving In the law, what is left unsaid is as important as what is said. Nowhere is this more true than in the thousands of pages of the joyless actuarial jargon, bureaucratic alphabet soup, and onslaught of new taxes that make up the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” more commonly known as ObamaCare. In particular, the omissions of ObamaCare have resulted in a... More

Conservatives? Harass them! Planned Parenthood? Fund them!

The Washington Post now reports that officials at the highest levels of the Internal Revenue Service were aware of the program to target conservative organizations applying for tax-exempt status prior to the 2012 elections but that they remained silent. The deliberate and shocking targeting of conservative organizations that sought tax-exempt status stands in contrast to government collusion wit... More

Obama wins the Catholic vote.

The most pro-abortion person ever to be in the White House; the person who has launched the most significant assault on religious liberty in this country since our founding… won the Catholic vote. That adequately explains why I am entirely and completely unimpressed with the anger of the pastor at a parish who called me, irate that a group of volunteers I organized were putting pro-life leaf... More

Politics: the Substance of the Secular, not the Sacred.

Barack Obama has won reelection. It is what it is. I’ll leave speculation about what it means for now, but in this moment I’ll just share a thought that might help some of you in some way, hopefully. I worked in politics and political activism in DC for a number of years before going to seminary. When I was accepted to seminary I would joke with people that I was “leaving politic... More


Faces and names change, but old errors never die.

With only a few days to go I think it’s high time to lay out in clear terms what is at stake. This should pretty much do the trick. With the barest of imagination you should have no problem transmuting Reagan’s remarks from 48 years ago to the wars, bad fiscal policies, and threats to freedom we face in the present day. Stunning, huh? Note especially the *outrageous* figures he tosses ... More

Not only *can* Catholics vote for Romney, but we *ought* to.

Romney has been endorsed by many pro-life activists and activist organizations. Right off the bat, let it be known that Mitt Romney was my fourth choice among the GOP primary candidates. Check my writing in this space from that time and you’ll see me talking up Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum, with barely a word in support of Romney. Since he won the nomination I’ve written a whole lot ... More

How do you say, “Jesus Christ is Lord”?

"When I am lifted up from the earth I shall draw all men to myself." (John 12:32) In the liturgical calendar of 1962 the Feast of Christ the King was assigned to the final Sunday of October. The feast was established in 1925 by Pope Pius XI as a response to the rising tide of secularism. The inhuman pall of atheistic ideologies that would see the murder of hundreds of millions over the n... More

How did Kyle Murphy Clark get past the Praetorian Guard?

<i>FACEPALM/UPDATE (10/29/12 5:35 p.m.): Goodness gracious, where did “Murphy” come from? The reporter’s name is Kyle Clark, not Kyle Murphy. Must not have had enough coffee before posting this on Saturday.</i> ———– Barack Obama hasn’t had an honest-to-goodness press conference with the White House press corps since April. Helen Thomas is... More

The Lies and Deadly Incompetence of President “One-Term Proposition” (Qualifies as “Part IV”)

I’ve done three previous posts on things Obama has done or said that directly contradict things he had promised: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Here are a bunch more. I do not pretend that this is an exhaustive list of the lies, flip-flops, failures, and dangerously incompetent things Barack Obama has done as president, but I do think it’s a good sampling. Let’s get right to it... More

Dear fellow Ohioans who are not socialists:

The people who wrote this indictment of President Obama’s failure to be liberal progressive enough: [W]e have no illusions about the audacity of hope, no faith that the re-election of President Obama alone will accomplish the radical change this magazine has championed. For America to be on a different path in 2016 from that of 2012, progressive movements will have to “occupy” all the le... More



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