[UPDATED] Osama is dead, Al Qaeda is alive. Obama is a liar, Part III

[UPDATE 10-10-12 at 5:16 p.m.: Turns out part of my point is spot-on. A book about to be released by Mark Bowden that chronicles fairly in-depth details of the process within the Obama administration to hunt and get Osama corroborates my point that Obama hunted Osama as the sine qua non of foreign policy. Why did this article appear today and the book will be released soon? As  @bdomenech put it... More

Hope-n-Change v. “One-Term Proposition,” Part I: The Gas Commercial

This is the first in a series of posts evaluating President Barack Obama against his own statements. His recent whoppers on Benghazi and his “one-term proposition” comment made a more full review of his penchant for saying just any old thing almost a fun exercise (if it weren’t so depressing that a man in his position could combine such self-regard with such a dearth of self-know... More

Jobs, Food Stamp, and Disability Numbers Don’t Lie.

Obama isn’t working. And neither are 36.5 percent of able-bodied workers in this country. Today comes news that more people were added to the food stamp roles AND more people were added to disability roles than found jobs earlier this year. This chart is from the Senate Budget Committee: This is not how it was supposed to be. Some can (and will) bleat about “obstructionist republicans... More

It’s Official: Biden is Still on the Ticket

Is anyone actually surprised by this? President Obama has no intention of getting rid of Vice President Biden as his running mate, the White House said Thursday. Republicans are being “ridiculous” and are trying to “distract attention” with their focus on Vice President Biden and his controversial comments earlier this week, White House press secretary Jay Carney said. “They know tha... More


A Presidential Debate on Contraception?

Vice President Biden and others charge that Republicans have made birth control the centerpiece of this election.  That is false, of course, but it is a topic worthy of debate.  It could go something like this… Interviewer: President Obama, Please tell us your position on contraception: President Obama: I don’t know why Republicans have decided to wage war on women and restrict access to bir... More

Cardinal Dolan: White House Lectured My USCCB Staff On How to Interpret Catholic Teaching!

Cardinal Timothy Dolan sent a letter to his brother bishops earlier this week where he revealed a shocking conversation that recently took place at a meeting between White House and USCCB staff: At a recent meeting between staff of the bishops’ conference and the White House staff, our staff members asked directly whether the broader concerns of religious freedom—that is, revisiting the stra... More

How Do We Stop Anti-Catholics From Dismantling Our Church? Simple: MESSAGE CONTROL.

Make no mistake about it, Anti-Catholic liberals (both outside and inside the Church) are attempting to dismantle our Church’s public institutions and moral authority before our very eyes. But luckily there are actions we can (and must!) take to stop them. There’s something providential about the timing of their attack on our religious freedom. If our enemies were smart(er), they would... More

Why I’m Done Lobbying Obama: Because It’s Time to Focus on Defeating Him.

I am done lobbying this President. It is futile. I am now 100% focused on defeating and replacing him in 2012. All the reports indicate that President Obama only issued his false compromise last Friday in an effort to placate far-left Catholics who he sees as essential to his re-election campaign. The combined outcry of basically every Catholic bishop in this country, on top of the massive grassro... More

Was Santorum’s Triple Victory Last Night a Referendum on Obamacare’s HHS Mandate?

Rick Santorum had a HUGE night last night, winning all three states that held primaries and caucuses yesterday: Missouri by over 30 points (winning every county), Minnesota by almost 20 points, and most surprising of all, Colorado by 5 points. First of all, I want to PRAISE and THANK all of you who responded to my post yesterday calling on Catholics to support Rick Santorum in these states. One pr... More

Santorum and Romney Together

Rick Santorum is absolutely right when he says that the Obama administration is “hostile” to religion. We saw it in the Hosanna-Tabor case, in which the Supreme Court unanimously ruled against this White House. We see it in this HHS rule. In many ways we are at a transformational moment, where we determine if we are a country that believes that religion is a good or not. The administration tha... More



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