Isn’t It Time We Asked: What Kind Of Government Do Catholics Want?

I think it’s fair to say that everyone is tired of election politics. The political process in America ensures this. For many months before the election, we are inundated with advertisements, we suffer through debates, we watch endless coverage of campaign stops and stump speeches, and with the addition of social media, we see endless posts and discussions about the election from family, fr... More

It’s NOT the economy, [stupid].

For several years, the conventional wisdom has been that conservatives who are Republicans should keep quiet about social issues since their positions are not mainstream enough. Instead, they have been advised to talk about the economy. Well, for the second presidential election in a row, we see where that got us. In 2000 and 2004, it was widely acknowledged that value voters drove the election re... More


What Women Want: Romney Leads Obama

An outside observer, say an anthropologist hundreds of years from now, might survey the evidence of our conversations and conclude that women were only concerned about their genital regions. Look no further than the so-called war on women, just another version of pelvic politics. You know, abortion, contraception, abortion, and, oh yes,  abortion. As if women have no other concerns. Well, a USA T... More


“A time for choosing.” So perfectly true, nearly 50 years later.

It’s a weekend. This is the fastest 27 minutes you will experience. Seriously: it flies by. If you have never watched/listened to Ronald Reagan’s 1964 GOP convention speech you absolutely must. If you have, do it again. Truly terrifying how much more accurate an assessment his speech is nearly 50 years later than it was even in its day. At that point, the most fearsome Socialist menace... More

Election Alert! Shift the Balance of Power in Iowa Next Tuesday!

In his iconic movie role as World War 2 military hero General George Patton, actor George C. Scott delivered this memorable advice to his American soldiers: Now there’s another thing I want you to remember. I don’t want to get any messages saying that “we are holding our position.” We’re not holding anything. Let the [enemy] do that. We are advancing constantly and ... More

Video: Rick Santorum’s Surprisingly Funny (and Pro-Big-Family) Ad

I skipped over this when I saw it first … I’m glad I decided to actually watch it: A Fox News blogger explains it just right: Presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he’s got the courage to do the impossible and that’s the reason Republicans should pick him to run against President Obama in 2012. “The Courage to Fight for America” is his campaign slogan, but ... More

In Wisconsin, a Rebuke to Union Wrath

Alberta Darling (R) speaks to press after holding her seat in the most targeted WI Senate race. I was on my computer late last night and so had a chance to witness the failure of a months-long effort by unions and Democrat groups to take back the Wisconsin Senate after it helped Governor Scott Walker introduce pension reforms for public sector union employees. Because I was actively tweeting my re... More

I too shall be live tweeting.

For those who may be so inclined, I too shall be live tweeting my reactions to tonight’s returns. Follow me at… You can follow. Or not. Doesn’t bother me. As with Thomas Peter’s feed, you don’t have to be a tweep to follow my or anyone else’s tweets. ...READ MORE... More


Why Abortion Is A Live Issue This Election

Liberal Catholics often deemphasize abortion around election time. That’s especially true this year, when they claim that even if Republicans take a house or two in Congress they won’t be able to do anything because (thanks to them) Obama is still President and can veto pro-life legislation. However, this thinking is erroneous. Abortion is extremely relevant to tomorrow’s electi... More




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